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3 Care Tips For Full Grain Leather Wallet

The vast majority of us who’ve obtained a lovely new full grain leather wallet need it because they want to get the best out of its durability and high quality as well as great looks. So here are some tips from Cicero for you on how you can get the most out of your new full grain leather wallet or any of our fine leather products.

In other blog articles, we have mentioned Full grain leather and genuine leather and how different grades of quality of such leather types are.Going forward, we believe that you can make the best decision and purchase a full grain leather wallet for yourself. Of course, if you care to a high quality product, why not put some further efforts in taking it good care of it.

So why do you need to care for your leather wallet?

  • A well-kept-up full grain leather wallet can endure for a very long time, up to decades.
  • you save money by not having to buy a new wallet all the time you can sparemoney since you do not have to buy a new wallet all the time
  • Having a durable and long lasting wallet, you will minimize waste released into the environment which helps protect environment.
  • Real leather is natural product so it’s bio-
  • leather is a natural product and therefor bio-degradable
  • you feel better pulling out a beautifully cared for leather wallet

3 Care Tips For Full Grain Leather Wallet

Tip #1: Don’t overstuff your wallet

It can be your worst mistake when you overstuff your wallet. Putting too much in your wallet will stretch out the leather grain. Leather elasticity tends to be one-way, so the process cannot be reversed. Therefore, it can reduce the longevity of the item.

3 Care Tips For Full Grain Leather Wallet
3 Care Tips For Full Grain Leather Wallet

You saw how tide the card spaces were the point at which you initially got your new wallet, that is the means by which the leather will remain on the off chance that you don’t overstuff it. Your full grain leather wallet will likewise keep its unique, rich, level shape and it won’t resemble an overstuffed turkey. This is the chief principle to pursue so kindly don’t tragically keep terminated coupons, old receipts and each conceivable enrollment card in your wallet. Clean up your wallet like clockwork and just keep the basic essential items in there.

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Tip #2: Don’t sit on your wallet                    

You can choose to place their wallet in your back pocket. However, there are two important things they need to note:

  • close the pocket to prevent theft when you are moving.
  • Please take the wallet out if you are about to sit down.
Don’t sit on your wallet       
Don’t sit on your wallet

Besides the fact that it is awkward for you to sit on your wallet it is likewise not beneficial for your body and your wallet. The additional weight while you are sitting on your wallet adds colossal worry to the leather wallet, the creases and your card  or ID card as well. Help yourself and your wallet by not sitting on it!

Tip #3: Use appropriate cleaning products

Leather is just like our skin. It’s natural so it needs a care as well if you need to make it look new always and last long.
Therefore, please note some of the most unsafe components that could make harm to your leather wallet: dirt, dust and moisture.

Use appropriate cleaning products
Use appropriate cleaning products

Let’s see how you clean your leather wallet.

  • To clean dirt/dust: from day by day use, your wallet will become grimy likely. You can use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the leather whenever you notice there is dirt or stain on it. If the dirt or stain has set in firmly, utilize a good leather cleaner to remove it. Do not use soap or detergents because it might influence the leather.
  • Moisture/water: Your leather wallet may get wet on the off change when you are in downpour or accidentally pour water on it. So the best possible approach to dry our wallet is to gently clean the surface off with a dry clean fabric and let it dry naturally. Keep your wallet shut and do not open it. It won’t remain flat any longer when you fold it. Try not to use a blow dryer or open your wallet to over the top warmth because it can make the wallet wrinkled.
  • Insufficient moisture: you will find out that your wallet is excessively dry when you notice there are a couple of breaks on its surface. Leather requires some moisture to keep it smooth and soft. What you should do is to gently put on some leather cream or moist
    • Gently apply a leather cream or leather lotion on your wallet. Just use a small amount of moisturizer on the leather and add gradually more on it to make your wallet smooth.
    • Remain sufficient moisture for your wallet and it’s a good thing to keep your wallet moisture regularly like that.

Cicero with the mission to bring the best leather wallets to customers, we hope that you can also take good care of the product you have put efforts in choosing and buying. A full grain leather wallet is your belonging and your personality speaker as well. You can feel free to share this post to help your friends keep the best out of your leather wallet.

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