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5 Important Ways To Improve Etsy Sale

The level of consumer confidence in e-commerce is increasingly improving, but businesses still have to make more efforts so customers are willing to buy higher value items from the internet. Here is 5 important ways to improve Etsy sales that we sharing for you.

In fact, the average value of an order on online retail sites like eBay, Etsy, Zappos or Amazon fluctuates in the range of 10 to 100 USD. E-commerce businesses also have many opportunities to enhance the value of online purchases if they know how to improve consumer confidence when buying through this channel if following these five instructions here:


1. Provide more information

5 Ways important to improve Etsy sales Today and improve your Etsy SEO
5 Ways important to improve Etsy sales Today and improve your Etsy SEO

To make customers feel more comfortable when ordering high value items on the online market, businesses need to provide more information for them. Customers want to understand every aspect of products or services because when they buy products online, they cannot check and test goods and do not know what is the real product, which is a fake product.

If you get an introduction to a book online, many people just need to read the summary of the content, refer to the ISBN number before deciding to buy, but if you put the wedding photography service online, people want to refer to the reputation. of photographers, customer reviews of them or articles about each photographer’s style of writing.

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2. Simplify the transaction process

If businesses can make complex transactions easier, more reliable and secure, there will certainly be many people who buy goods online and order many high-priced goods. Professional service companies tend to offer package pricing offerings, including job content, pricing, execution time, results achieved and a number of additional factors. other. Specifying services makes the sales process faster and customers can complete complex transactions through just a few clicks.

3. Supporting inexperienced buyers

5 Ways important to improve Etsy sales Today and improve your Etsy SEO
5 Ways important to improve Etsy sales Today and improve your Etsy SEO

What should businesses do to help those first-time e-commerce customers make quick sales decisions? Simply, proactively introduce and support them before they leave the computer to learn about products or services at street stores. Some businesses have dedicated to providing customers with price comparison tables, calculating shipping costs, shopping plans (if customers want to buy full sets of expensive items).

4. Eliminate risks

If you feel you will be at risk in the process of buying online, customers will not be interested in e-commerce. Therefore, businesses need to eliminate the risks and pressures from the minds of customers, making them feel secure when buying online. Some online retailers have been very successful in applying a free delivery or free shipping model. Consideration should also be given to a refund guarantee if the customer is not satisfied to increase the attraction of this sales channel.

5. Provide information during the purchase process

Customers will feel extremely satisfied and trusting if they receive notifications in the process of their purchase, from order confirmation, payment confirmation, confirmation of goods left stock, notice delivery time. goods … Customers will know specifically where they are going and when they can receive goods as well as payment. These messages are sent via the customer’s mobile phone number with your brand message, also known as SMS BrandName. With low cost and simple operation you can create sympathy and win the absolute trust of gods.

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