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5 Mistakes in the style of dress that men need to avoid

If women’s wardrobe is diversified with sophisticated fashion set, men’s fashion is more about simplicity and strength. Although fashion style is less diverse, but if you don’t know how to mix & match, the outfit will make you like a “country” guy!

1. “Greedy” in creating accents with suspender (shoulder strap) combined with belts

If you mix both 2 together on 1 outfit will make the opposite feel glitzy and do not have to eat in between accessories. Please remember carefully, only one of the two accessories can be selected to become more prominent! Read more: The Fashion Accessories That Gentlemen Are Indispensable

2. Use belts odd shape

If you pay close attention, the belt has an odd shape or pattern that is only suitable for fashion shows. If you want to be an elegant and luxurious man, you should choose a simple, dark belt for guys!

3. Wear V-neck shirt

V-neck style suits only women’s style because it will show the advantages of their body. Men are absolutely not !!! You will become very clumsy and a little less strong with such a shirt. You should choose a round neck T-shirt and a slim fit to show the strong, personality of the men.

4. Wearing tight pants

If the style of pants with tight shape is chosen by women, it does not mean that it is suitable for men. The tight form of skinny pants, especially when combined with vibrant colors, will create real fashion disasters with men. Men should choose the type of jeans / casual pants with a form that fits well, without bundles on the legs.

5. Put too much stuff in your pocket

Men often have the habit of storing wallet, keys, phone … Into pants pocket. This makes the elegant outfit become messy because the pants pocket is too big, bring a bag for men to put away instead of “contain the world” in your pants pocket like that!

6. Wear a vest that looks like … Curtains !!!

Suits that look like carpets or curtains are not considered fashionable. If they appear, it is definitely only in fashion shows and certainly not many people show up on the street!

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