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5 Signs that you need a new wallet

Wallet is a necessary item and can be said to be indispensable for anyone. Wallet not only helps users to contain important items, identification, cash but also helps manage spending, creating impressive accents for users.

For men, they often choose real cowhide wallets because these wallets are not only extremely durable but also help them look more masculine and elegant. However, many people buy wallet because they want to use all the value of the item, so they use it for a long time. Speaking from the perspective of feng shui, this is one of the mistakes that make me lose my fortune.

Therefore, if your wallet has one of the following signs, you should quickly replace a new wallet.

You have used this wallet for more than 3 years.

According to feng shui conception, a wallet used for about 3 years has been exhausted, no longer able to hold money. Therefore, a wallet should only be used for a maximum of 2 to 3 years. Even if the wallet is not broken, we should still replace it with a new wallet to ensure increased balance, make ourselves more prosperous and prosperous. A new wallet will help you attract money, do better.

Not feng shui

The colors commonly chosen when buying a wallet are:
Black: black is the representative of stability, convergence, enrichment opportunities, suitable for men, representing wealth and prosperity. Choose black wallet if you are looking forward to business development and career advancement.

For men in brown, coffee color: these 2 colors will help its owners save more money, high capacity to accumulate and save money. If you are a person who has the habit of spending money like water then these are the colors you should choose to help me not lose my money, waste my money. These are also the colors that are being chosen the most when buying leather wallets today.

Men’s wallet is yellow: Yellow is also an element of Turkey. The yellow wallet is considered useful in creating money, wealth, convenience in business and career, bringing a lot of luck to users.

If at the moment, your wallet has color, inappropriate material, wasted money, doing business without “flying” or advancing in your career, often having trouble with money then At this time, a new wallet with feng shui and destiny is the best choice.

Your wallet is outdated

The wallet you are using is quite old and used for many years, the material is not suitable for the current trend. This wallet makes you look outdated and less confident. Choose a new wallet right now, a wallet from real cowhide material, designed in the latest 2018 design, eye-catching and modern colors are the perfect solution for you.

The wallet shows signs of damage

Your wallet has signs of flaking, peeling, fraying, wearing corners, corners being bent for too long. Poor quality leatherette material makes the wallet become old. Using a wallet that has shown signs of deterioration makes you feel less confident, not daring to pull out your wallet in front of many people.

This is a warning sign that you have used the wallet for too long or bought a bad wallet. The solution for you is to buy a new high-quality and quality wallet, which helps you feel more comfortable and confident to use.

Not enough space

You use this wallet for a long time, the wallet has no signs of damage but when your cards, cards, and ID cards are getting bigger and bigger, this wallet has not enough capacity. You cannot arrange items to fit your wallet, the wallet becomes bulging, rough, difficult to take out the contents.

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The solution for you is to shop for yourself a new leather wallet with a larger capacity as a portable wallet with a modern, luxurious design, high quality and fashionable material. This new wallet not only helps you store all the necessary items but also an impressive fashion highlight for you.

If you need to replace your wallet, go to the Cicero Leather Store right away. Here, we have all the latest, modern, high-quality materials, updated fashion trends 2018. Trendy cowhide material, guaranteed warranty for up to 12 months is the choice Great for all guys.

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