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Bad habits quickly ruin your leather wallet

1. Let the perfume flow

Perfume is also a close companion of the girls, but if unfortunately spread inside the wallet, it can corrode and fade the skin or metal. The solution to this case is to always put the perfume bottle in a sealed nylon bag and place it in a fixed position.

Let the perfume flow
Let the perfume flow

2. Stuffing things too tight

The consequence of cramming too many things into the wallet is that the zipper is easily damaged, the skin is frayed and the original shape is lost. Therefore, just bring really necessary items and consider the wallet’s capacity when choosing accessories to complete the style.

Stuffing things too tight
Stuffing things too tight

3. Do not avoid water

Both footwear and handbags, purses, especially leather materials, should be kept away from anything that can cause wetness. Besides, keeping your waterproof wallet is also to protect your clothes from the risk of being stained by them. Learn more How To Dry Wet Leather

4. Feel free to place your wallet arbitrarily

The rugged floor and dirt are definitely not the ideal place for leather wallets. In addition, humidity also has the opportunity to attack this cherished item.

5. The closet is not dry

If you notice mold marks beginning to appear on bags or purses, it may be due to a damp, mysterious locker. In this case, remove all clothes, accessories out to clean the cabinet and open all the wings until it is completely dry and then arrange everything neatly.

The closet is not dry
The closet is not dry
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