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Best And Nice Men Bifold Wallet (Updated 2019)

Although we are now living in the fast-changing world, using exclusive items suc as a tailored suit, one letterpress calling card, or a nice mens bifold wallet creates such a huge impact on the first impressions. If you keep using a canvas wallet or a teared old billfold one, it also reveals that your style is only surface deep.

As people tend to seek for uniqueness and premium quality, most wallet brands try their best to release the sophisticated items go along with unique design. Being a customer, all you have to do is being smart when selecting one mens bifold wallet that matches your fashion taste as well as offers the excellent performance.

Choosing the material for your mens bifold wallet is one thing you should not miss out. It can be the polyester, canvas, genuine leather or elastic. A mens leather bifold wallet made from high quality material for sure can both enhance your own style as well as speak your true personality. Especially, purchasing one with an elegant gift box set would be an ideal gift on some special occasions.

Craftsmanship hallmarks when buying leather bifold wallet

Similar to clothes or other items in the gentleman’s wardrobe, one wallet features several criteria and standards. If you spend time wandering around shops, you will see there are canvas wallet that sold at such a cheap price; while premium wallets offered by heritage makers tend to be sold for upwards of a few hundred dollars. To grab yourself the best mens bifold wallet, please pay attention to these basic elements:

  • Leather quality: By looking for the pores, you will soon know whether leather is pigment-coated or not. For mens leather bifold wallet appears with fine pores, then it is likely not pigment coated. In this case, you can bend the leather back and forth for checking.
  • Sewn edges: Normal wallets often feature the single fold edges that are cut once folded. On the other hand, premium wallet appears to have double fold on both the shell and the lining. This method is rare and worth the price as it requires more time and skilled craftsman.
  • Durability: Have you ever considered about the durability between these best mens bifold wallet? One normal wallet with affordable price may last a few years, while the high-quality one can last for a lifetime if you pay good maintenance.
  • Rounded corners: Mens bifold wallet with rounded corners not only brings the sophisticated look but limits the wear of the corners as well. It also reduces the resistance when taking wallet in and out of your pockets.

Cicero Handmade Leather Wallet and Men Bifold Wallet 

The Cicero men’s Handmade Leather Wallet has been ruling the roost in the wallet market since 2017 thanks to its elegant style with natural colors and a polite look. Cicero men’s bifold should be included in modern men’s leather wallet collection.

Designed in Los Angeles, Cicero Leather Wallet is the epitome of a front pocket wallet, mens bifold wallet and handmade leather wallets. It’s not terribly expensive either, price is too good for the quality it brings. The wallet measures at 8x11cm when closed. It has 1 cash pocket, 6 card slots, and 2 conceal compartments. The wallet consists of genuine calf leather, while the two color and texture combinations include black plus brown, black plus blue or black plus red or black green.

Cicero Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet Black/Red

Cicero leather wallet is made of real cowhide material, which is highly-durable and luxurious. The wallets are really worth the money and affirm the owners’ maturity.Cicero leather wallet has a convenient design with one cash drawer, 6 card compartments, and 2 conceal compartments. With moderate thickness, Cicero is easy to carry by stuffing in a pocket or into a bag, which helps men more elegant when going out.

Besides, men’s bifold wallet Cicero is appreciated by many customers thanks to its strong and eye-catching seam. The highlight of the wallet is the hand-sewn seams, showing the feats of the workers.

With few decorative patterns, Cicero is elegant with 4 color namely red, blue, green, and black, along with delicate luxurious designs. In particular, you can find Cicero men’s bifold wallets with reasonable prices at Shop Now

Material: 100% leather exterior and interior
Dimensions: 8x11cm.

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1. Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet Vertical/Horizontal, Crocodile Embossed Cowhide Genuine Leather, Super Slim

Among all the design, mens bifold wallets are always designed to be perfectly simple. Let’s take a look at this Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet Vertical, we sure it won’t make you feel disappointed. Made of high-quality cowhide genuine leather, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan that withstands all outer impacts. For those who prefer the exotic design, this mens bifold wallet features the soft texture as embossed crocodile pattern. Its outer skin is covered by a thin oil layer, which both emphasizes the shiny look and makes it easier for maintenance.

Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet Vertical measures roughly 3.73 x 4.52 inches, which stays tidily inside both the front and back pocket. Although feature the slim construction, it ensures to offer adequate space for credit cards, money, ID driver license. There is 1 full-length compartment, 4 functional pockets for receipts and important papers. This slim bifold wallet offers up to 6 card slots, such a great number for keeping your cards well-organized. No more worry about information loss while it equips a strong RFID blocking system.

Though this is one brand new item, it still receives most compliments from customers thanks to the good quality and excellent performance. In case individuals are not satisfied with the item, Lethnic offers 180-day risk-free trial with a full refund or free replacement.

2. Bellroy Hide & Seek, slim leather wallet, RFID editions available (Max. 12 Cards and cash)

Spark out the message “A brand with purpose, designing for possibility”. Bellroy releases its product to help the world embrace the simplicity and ease. Bellroy thin wallet can take you from the morning jog, to the meeting, to the fitness center and to a romantic dinner, without breaking the stride.

Bellroy wallets always famous for their aesthetics and sleek design. If you are seeking for one best mens bifold wallet that brings the traditional spirit, but still feels slim, then this Hide & Seek slim bifold wallet is the perfect option. Made of environmentally certified top-grain leather, wallet edges are sewn with solid stitches to embrace its sturdiness. You will also find one layer of Venture-weave polyester, which limits the severe damaged caused by heat, water or humid moisture.

In term of dimension, mens bifold wallet measures 3.3 x 4.5 inches (H x W). The inner surface is fully lined with smooth leather, in floral patterns. Features the slim construction, this item offers enough space for you to save up to 12 folded bills. Wallet equips to strong RFID blocking system including Caramel, Cocoa, Java, Caramel and Navy. The brand offers a 3-YEAR WARRANTY for those who purchase the product.

If this is the first time you use wallet from Bellroy, don’t be amazed when the leather tends to lose its smoothness after a short period. It is just settling and shaping to its purpose. Wallet receives compliments for the design and good quality.

3. Fossil RFID Flip ID Best Mens Bifold Wallet

Why you still use the old, traditional wallet while there are several options for best men bifold wallet in the market? If you are the fan of Fossil, this RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet will get you amazed by the ingenuity goes along with creativity. Since Fossil mens leather bifold wallet is one imported item, it ensures to meet all the strict requirements in quality and standards. Made of 100% fibers, wallet delivers the durability no matter how hard you use.

In term of size, this mens leather bifold wallet measures 2.75 x 4 inches (W – H); convenient for putting inside both the back and front pocket. Fossil RFID Flip ID Mens Bifold Wallet features the sleek design, allows you to carry on hands portably when going out. Wallet includes 6 card slots and 1 ID window. Its surface is covered with one lining layer equips to RFID blocking system. Please understand if there are any wrinkles on the wallet’s surface due to leather natural characteristics.

Mens bifold wallet with ID window goes along with minimalist gift box set in case you wanna take it as a present for your loved one. According to customers, the RFID blocking system does not work effectively enough. So you must be careful when standing among the crowded or public places.

4. Clifton Heritage Leather RFID Blocking Best Mens Bifold Wallet

One fashionable outfit all starts with the basic elements, such as T-shirt, pants, shoes and other accessories. We believe Clifton Heritage always brings you the best no matter where you go, or which event you gonna join in. Proud to suggest this Men’s Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet, you should not miss this one as this is one item stays on the top list of Amazon’s Choice. Best mens bifold wallet comes along with an elegant gift box set, perfect as a gift on special occasions.

Feature the combination of cowhide leather and polyester fabric, wallet delivers the durability and smooth performance. You will feel the rough texture covers on its outer skin, which brings the elegance as well as prevents wallet from falling all over. Take a closer look, there are 9 card slots, 2 hidden pockets and 1 full-length compartment for cash. No more worry about the loss of information, this billfold wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system that secures your privacy to the safest stage.

The thickness of wallet depends on the number of cards you put inside. If wallet gets too thick, you will probably feel it when sitting on it. On the other hand, this limits the risk that the wallet can fall out due to carelessness.

5. Lethnic leather bifold wallets for men thin slim RFID blocking front pocket

Carry more things with you by purchasing our wonderful mens bifold wallet that won’t create a big bulge in your pockets. If you always waste time going through wallet, reorganizing things again to have more space, then Lethnic leather bifold wallets for men are here to lend a hand! Made of genuine cowhide leather with fine embossing, wallet reflects its unique characteristics as well as your fashion taste. Kindly measure your cards to make sure it fits this sizing: 4.3 x 3.6 inches.

Take a closer look, you will have 1 full-length compartment for cash, 1 half-open corner pocket and 2 quick-access slots for cards. In case you have some private receipts, Lethnic best mens bifold wallet brings 2 hidden pockets, which helps keep them in the safest place. These pockets create space for up to 9 cards and 40 bills. This slim bifold wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system that secures your private data from electrical thieves.

For all products from Lethnic, you will receive them in an elegant package. Not only show our thankfulness, but the package would also be great if you purchase wallet as a gift. What are you waiting for, click “Add to Cart” and share with us your thoughts?

6. Vaultskin MANHATTAN Slim Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection for Cards and Cash – Top Quality Italian Leather

Bring the masculinity and simplicity design, this Vaultskin MANHATTAN Slim Mens Bifold Wallet fits perfect into your daily outfits. Utilize top-grain leather, wallet maintains the durability and also sophisticated performance. Best mens bifold wallet edges are sewn with solid stitches, which limits the torn edges. Wallet equips to a strong RFID blocking system, which prevents strange signals up to 13.56 MHz RFID / NFC standard

In term of dimension, this mens slim bifold wallet measures 4.09″ H x 2.99″ W x 0.39″ D. Mens bifold wallet offers one full-length compartment for cash, 4 inner card slots to put in your credit/ debit cards or some membership cards. Just pick one of your most used cards and leave it in the outer card slot, easy to take things out in seconds. Vaultskin Best Mens Bifold Wallet is a great idea as a birthday present with elegant gift box set.

Please noted that this leather bifold wallet will ONLY FIT US DOLLAR BILLS. Kindly be careful when taking cards out of slots are a bit tight. Since this is one item stays on the top list of Amazon’s Choice, why don’t you give it a try and share with us?

7. SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Genuine Leather Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets for Men with Money Clip

If you are seeking for one wallet to buy on this long trip holiday, you may want to check out this SERMAN BRANDS- RFID Blocking Best Mens Bifold Wallet. It highlights “stylish – safety”; two common features people often looking for. This mens bifold wallet utilizes the genuine leather and premium material to adapt the standard products; satisfy the needs of customers as well. This component delivers the sturdiness that withstands several external impacts

Although feature the bi-fold design, billfold wallet has its dimension measures roughly 4 x 3 x 4 inches; a compact size to carry and put inside the pocket. Take a closer look, there are 2 inner pockets for cards, 1 ID window for convenient checking at the stations. Highlight the compact usage, there is 1 outer pocket for you to put some cards which are used on a daily basis. If you often have difficulty in taking cards out, you can rely on the smart pull-strap for a quick access. These best money clip wallets for men attach to the RFID blocking technology; which block 13.56 MHz or higher signals to protect your information.

Awesome, this design basically receives lots of compliments for the material and the construction. For people who prefer the minimalist and compact function, this is a perfect option. But when you are seeking for roomy space, this product features small design for the real one.

08. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

Gonna suggest you one of the best mens bifold wallet brands in town – Lethnic. The Lethnic Slim Bifold Wallet Business Card receives a high ranking and most compliments for its sophisticated quality. Instead of using PU leather, Lethnic mens bifold wallet utilizes genuine cowhide leather for maintaining the durability. Don’t be amazed when there are scars and imperfections on vertical bifold wallet’s surface. They are all parts of their characters and personality.

Wallet measures 4.13 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches, lightweight with average size for carrying on hands perfectly. Though wallet features its slim construction, there is roomy space for up to 10 cards and 10 bills in 2 inner slots, 1 ID window, and one magnetic money clip. One precise element is the small pull-strap which allows you to take things out in a few seconds. Lethnic bifold wallet attaches to one RFID blocking system to offer the best protection to your privacy.

Wallet offers adequate space for all your basic items. Hence, one elegant gift box set for delivering as one unique gift. This slim bifold wallet is available in several colors, from the bright to darker tones that meet the fashion style of both women and men.

9. Lositto RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet for Men-Excellent as Travel Bifold

“Thin and Unique” are the two elements this Lositto RFID Mens Bifold Wallet Leather deliver to its customers. Utilize the top grain crazy horse leather, the mens bifold wallet ensures to last for a long time. You will surely feel the soft, comfortable and luxury performance even when carrying on your hand. In term of sizing, this one measures 4.3 x 3.5 x 0.3 inches.

Take a look inside, there are 5 card slots, 1 ID window 2 currency compartments and 2 additional slots for others. No more worry about the loss of information, your mens bifold wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system. The slim bifold wallets protect from a range of radio frequencies from 125Khz to 3000MHz! The precise element of this one is you can store in one velvet bag in case you are not using. And the slim bifold wallet goes along with one gift box set.

According to customers, the billfold wallet seems to be small compared to the mentioned dimension. The leather is really slick and glossy. Be careful since it can slide out of your hands.

10. 2 ID Window RFID Wallet for Men, Bifold Side Flip, Extra Capacity Travel Wallet

If you are on the way to define your own fashion taste, Bryker Hyde will help set the footprint for quality and unique style. This 2 ID Window Best Mens Bifold Wallet utilizes the full-grain distressed leather and throughout stitching. You can choose your favorite skin for your best mens bifold wallet including distressed wallet, sheepskin and pebbled leather.

In term of capacity, wallet features 2 hidden pockets and 9 card slots. Feel free to grab your most-used cards, driver license or membership voucher, as long as you keep them well-organized. There are 2 extra ID windows with thumb cut-out, perfect for quick access and convenient checking at the stations. Since there is a rise of electrical thieves, Bryker Hyde bifold wallet with ID window equips to the strong RFID blocking system. While others suffer from identity theft, you won’t.

Though this is one brand new item, it still receives most compliments from customers thanks to the good quality and excellent performance. In case individuals are not satisfied with the item, Bryker Hyde offers the lifetime warranty, which offers you a full refund or free replacement.

11. RFID Men’s Leather Zipper wallet Zip Around Wallet Bifold Multi Card Holder Purse

This Leather Zip Around Mens Bifold Wallet from DONWORLD brings you space for carrying the whole world, but still keeps thing safe on the way! Made of premium cow leather, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan and the strong ability to withstand any outer impacts. Its outer skin features the weaved patterns, which creates the uniqueness and prevent wallet from falling out of your hands.

Kindly measure your cards to make sure it fits this sizing: 4.92 x 3.94 x 0.98 inches. Take a look inside, this best mens leather bifold wallet features 1 full-length cash compartment, 1 TF card slot, 13 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 SIM card slot and 1 coin pocket. Super practical!! You will find one extra card slot designed outside, just grab your most-used card for easy access. Best mens bifold wallet equips to the strong RFID blocking system, protects all your privacy from dangerous scanning.

If you prefer bringing tons of things, then this one is designed for you! However, keep in mind that wallet’s thickness tends to increase depends on your belongings. DONWORLD receives many compliments for its excellent customer service. As the brand will solve any problems if you are not satisfied with their best mens bifold wallet, immediately.

Normal wallets are commonly designed with one downside. We think you may interested in the mens zipper wallet collection that ensures to secure all your belongings.

12. Personalized Best Mens Bifold Wallet – Leather Wallet: a Bifold wallet with ID sleeve and coin pocket

Have you ever thought about one best mens bifold wallet that helps you give all the sweet wishes to your loved one? More than a few tears have been shed by men opening this gorgeous Personalized Mens Wallet from Swanky Badger for the first time. Made of split cow’s leather, this material both delivers the durability, but makes your wallet stand out when using the contrasting golden color when engraved.

Wondering about the size? This slim bifold wallet measures 5 x 0.5 x 4 inches. Be sure to check your card’s size to avoid any sizing inconsistency. In term of design, wallet features 8 card slots, 1 transparent ID sleeve, 1 zippered bill sleeve and 2 hidden pockets for cash. If you are into using coins, there is one extra coin pouch stays neatly inside. Known as one-of-a-kind mens bifold wallet, you can order 3 initials on the outside and up to 160 characters on the inside, at no extra charge.

Such a creative gift for your loved one on their birthday. We bet they will burst into tears when opening the package right away. You should go for this best mens bifold wallet, not only because of the beauty, but also the skillful workmanship that lasts for many years of daily use.

13. JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Best Mens Bifold Wallet Teens Boys/ for Kids

This JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet is different from another design thanks to its unique pattern. This slim bifold wallet seems like one accessory for the army! For each item from Jemimal, please purchase the authentic product so you will get all the benefits from this wallet brand. Made of high-quality canvas and leather, the best mens bifold wallet delivers the strong performance to prevent water or outer impacts that can damage your items.

In term of sizing, this JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet measures 3.94 x 0.71 x 4.53 inches. When opening, you can leave your things well-organized inside 1 bill-compartment, 1 ID window and 5 credit card slots. In case you are not satisfied with the slim bifold wallet, JEMINAL always willing to give you a full refund or replacement.

The genuine leather tends to have smell odors when purchasing, consider leaving it in a ventilated area for a few days. Please understand the slight difference in color due to your monitor brightness. The real product is said to feature larger size than the mentioned dimension.

14. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

Are you looking for the best mens bifold wallet? We mean, the tactical wallet that looks sharp to boot. Then Lethnic Tactical Slim Modern Wallet is on the way! Exactly as its name, this wallet embraces the minimalist style with a plain two-tone color combines to the nice logo embossed. Made of the finest oiled/waxy based pull-up style pure leather, wallet delivers the intense durability and sophisticated look.

As all Lethnic items are skillfully handcrafted with edge finishing and distinctive stitching, which makes them become the must-try item. In term of dimension, this one measures 4.33 x 3.15 inches. Just carry all the cards you need; the wallet still stays neatly in your pocket without taking too many spaces. Lethnic best front pocket wallet features 3 inner pockets, allows you to carry up to 15 cards and some cash. Item equips to the strong RFID blocking system, which secures all your privacy at the safest stage.

This one receives most compliments on the design and good construction, even some purchased the second one. Lethnic leather front pocket wallet comes along with an elegant gift box set if case you may want to use it as a gift. There are 3 colors including the brown, military and ethnic military.

How to care for your leather?

As we all know, the best way to maintain the exotic beauty and excellent performance for your vertical bifold wallet is to pay attention to the leather. Kindly keep in mind these tips so you don’t have to waste too much money on billfold wallet

  • After such a long time, individuals can clean it gently using lukewarm water. Take a small amount of mild soap if necessary.
  • Avoid any makeup, food or oils stick on the surface. It can cause unexpected stains lately. In case you find out any stains or tiny flashes of water, take a dry cloth and wipe it all.
  • Do not clean your mens bifold wallet under direct water. During drying process, keep it in a ventilated area with room temperature.

Reamore How To Clean Leather Wallets

Above are our Best mens bifold wallet and they are available at the moment. All items are uniquely and nicely designed and have modern appearance. Therefore, they will meet the increasing needs and high expectation as well as flexibly fit the daily activities of any man. Do not hesitate to have a look through this awesome collection of bi fold wallet to choose one for you now!


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