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The Top 10 Best Leather Bracelets for Men in 2019 [Handmade]

In the world of fashion, there are plenty of ways to accessorize an outfit. The key is knowing how to do this effectively, though. Bigger isn’t always better, just like slapping a bunch of shiny trinkets onto your person doesn’t necessarily result in a better look.

A subtle yet handsome way for men to accessorize is the bracelet, a common fashion piece that can be dressed up in more ways than you could count. Just slapping on some cheap plastic job won’t do, though, as your aim is to look good, not like a sixth grader.

For that, you want something rugged. Something strong. Something like leather. You’re in luck there, as there are numerous leather bracelets for men out there in the world.

But how are you going to find the one that’s right for your look? More importantly, how can you be sure you’re not buying some cheap piece of garbage masquerading as high fashion? That’s what we’re going to talk about today as we count down ten of the best leather bracelets for men you can buy online right now. Each one has a great appeal for a different style, so there’s sure to be at least one you might like in here. Let’s get this started at #1.

1. Maritime Supply Co. Captain’s Link Bracelet

If you’re a sailor or even just someone with a fondness for water, Maritime Supply Co.’s Captain’s Link bracelet might just be what you’ve been looking for all this time. Made with care using only real components, it’s certainly a conversation piece without overpowering the rest of your outfit.

One thing that sets the Captain’s Link apart from other bracelets is its natural dark teal coloration, giving it a distinct look compared to other leather items. This is combined with the real copper accents and the attractive Duncan loop it’s formed into to give it a very nautical vibe even while on land.

Available in your choice of small, medium, and large depending on how thick your wrists run, it’s perfect for anyone who wants a colorful yet rugged bracelet for working on a ship or walking around town.

2. George Frost Harpoon Bracelet

Subtle, attractive, and full of historical influence, the George Frost Harpoon bracelet is a great addition to any outfit. The combination of high-quality materials and great styling on display with this bracelet are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of fashion-forward people.

Each of these bracelets is handmade, already giving it a more personalized feel and a stamp of quality knowing each is inspected by a real person before going out, not just flung into a bag by a machine on an assembly line. Plush gray suede is wrapped over top green leather, making for both a strong and stylish accessory fastened together by white bronze clasps.

The clasp on this bracelet is one of its best features, too. It’s not small or dinky in a way that could easily break, designed similar to what you’d expect to find on a carabiner. This only helps to improve the overall wear-ability of this piece in addition to making it all the more rugged in appearance.

3. Emporio Armani Woven Leather Bracelet

As you’d expect from something bearing that Emporio Armani logo etched into it, this woven leather bracelet is the top of the top tier with regards to accessories. Easy to wear, comfortable, and beautiful in its simplicity, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to this piece.

Two braids of attractive black leather make up the body of this bracelet, looping around on one end to hold things together when the steel snap button fastens through it. This ensures a strong hold against your wrist without leaving any unsightly red marks on your skin after, also making it preferable to more tighter fitting bracelets when it comes to wearing things longterm.

Thanks to its sturdy leather and steel construction, you can safely wear this bracelet just about anywhere without worrying about its condition. This plus its slim shape help reduce the possibility of damage, too.

4. Tanner Goods Single Wrap Wristband

While accessorizing might seem to defeat the purpose of the minimalist aesthetic, that’s not the case when your accessory is the most minimal of minimalist goods. This is exactly what Tanner Goods’ single wrap wristband is like, doing away with anything too flashy for a simple, tough look that goes with just about anything you could wear.

The single wrap wristband fits securely around most average sized wrists, closed with an attractive silver metal button for simplicity and security. A single strip of orange leather is all there is to this piece, though you can add a monogram on the inside if you like. Either way, it gives a nice pop of color to your outfit without being garish or overly busy.

Despite its simple appearance, this band is built to last. Tanner Goods is most known for their belts, wallets, and other such goods, so you can be sure they haven’t skimped when it comes to durability. Made from the same leather they use on their belts, their wristbands are actually cut from the thick centers of animal hide, potentially making them stronger than even their belts if all other aspects were equal between the two.

5. Miansai Trice Bracelet

“Elegant” would be the operative descriptor for Miansai’s Trice bracelet. Possessing a class and refinement not often seen with men’s bracelets, this accessory is a bold and interesting choice that goes well with just about any outfit you could put together thanks to just how strong its appear is all on its own.

The Trice bracelet is made up of four strands of braided leather, the topmost two doubling over themselves to loop and provide a place for the genuine sterling silver hook to connect through. This gives it a sturdy, secure hold and an intriguing look all in one.

Beyond that, though, there is the sizable number of colors you’re able to choose from when ordering this bracelet. Blues, browns, blacks, and more are all available for a total of six distinct and vibrant options, plus sizes ranging from small to extra large. You can even get the piece monogrammed if you like.

6. Caputo & Co. Hand-Knotted Triple Wrap Bracelet

Caputo & Co. have a wide selection of fantastic leather bracelets in their product catalog. This particular hand-knotted triple wrap bracelet is one of their standouts, though, with the tough-looking design and blend of materials giving it a great appeal to anyone who likes things a little rough.

With the main two wraps of this bracelet made from genuine Vachetta leather, you just know this piece feels like a dream to wear despite its more rugged appearance. The third wrap is made from sturdy waxed nylon cord for a bit of variety, fastened closed with a metal lock attaching to the other end to put it a step above most in the realm of security.

There are also five different colors to choose from, giving you additional options for finding just the right bracelet to match with your style. This, as well as the fact that it stretches just barely under 26 inches when fully unrolled, means you should have no trouble finding exactly what you want when it comes to this particular bracelet.

7. Miansai Anchor Half-Cuff Bracelet

Miansai’s designs are always memorable for one reason or another, their anchor half-cuff bracelet keeping with that reputation thanks to its unique look and functionality with regards to closing itself on your wrist. For fans of the high seas or just anyone with a good sense of taste, it’s definitely worth checking out.

This bracelet is made of a continuous piece of thin black leather, able to wrap around the wearer’s wrist around three or four times on average for a comfortable fit. Its singular color and slim profile gives it a professional look and doesn’t overpower the rest of your ensemble. This doesn’t mean it’s without charm, though, as the unique anchor-shaped hook looped through the opposite end makes a definite statement when paired with pretty much anything.

Thanks to this bracelet’s nature as a singular strip of leather, it’s exceptionally easy to wear. Able to be adjusted for even the thickest or thinnest of wrists without issue, it’s perfect for people who often can’t wear accessories like this. The materials used are also impressive in their own right, being real Italian leather and brass.

8. The Steel Shop Black on Black Braided Italian Leather Bracelet

The Steel Shop goes above and beyond to transform what might normally be a fairly mundane and unimpressive bracelet into something else entirely. Their Black on Black braided Italian leather bracelet is sleek, attractive, and sturdy while delivering a level of quality in both materials and build that more than justifies the price tag.

Made from genuine Italian leather woven over itself, this bracelet both feels good on your wrist and has the durability to stick around for years to come. This is only helped by the matte black stainless steel clasp attached to the material, making fastening and unfastening a breeze with virtually no risk of things coming undone by accident.

There’s also the customization to talk about in the form of engravings. While no engraving is always an option, The Steel Shop also provides options for lettering on either the inside or outside of the clasp. There’s also a variation of this bracelet available with a rose gold clasp for a bit of contrast if you’d prefer.

9. Edmond and Co. Multilayer Leather Wrap Bracelet

Multilayer bracelets always have a certain appeal to them, plus you’ve got the bonus of only needing to buy a single piece instead of several. Edmund and Co. supply a hearty entry among the many wrap bracelets out there in the world, giving you something stylish and cool all without breaking the bank.

Typically appearing in four to five thin layers, these bracelets are comfortable to wear and can unravel to fit just about any wrist size no matter how large or small. Available in your choice of black and brown, it’s great for adding that extra bit of flair to your outfit in either of these very adaptable colors.

The hooking apparatus is the real star of the show, though, being a polished silver-plated metal that fastens securely into the loop on the opposite end of the bracelet. While managing to stay loose on around your wrist, you won’t have to worry about things coming undone even if you’re in the midst of heavy movement or activity.

10. Freddie Matara Leather Cuff Bracelet

Freddie Matara is an independent leatherworker from New York with an extensive catalog of hand-stitched leather goods of all stripes. He’s no stranger to bracelets, one of his best designs being the simple leather cuff bracelet.

Thick and rugged, this bracelet is more like a belt for your arm than anything else. This is only further cemented by the fact that it fastens using an actual belt’s buckle complete with loops and a metal fastener.

Given that all of Freddie’s pieces are made to order, there’s virtually no possibility that this bracelet won’t fit you like a glove given that it’s been designed specifically for your wrist measurement. In addition to variations in color and style for this same cuff, he also takes custom orders, meaning this or any of his other items can be made entirely to your specifications for the best look and fit possible.

In Conclusion

A leather bracelet is a great accessory to really pull an outfit together, not overpowering the rest of your look while adding a bit of variety or color. If you’re in need of a new piece for your look, try any one of the ten best leather bracelets for men we’ve previewed on this list. With this much variety and so many positives about each one, there’s no excuse not to at least take a glance at each one.

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