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Buy handmade leather wallet for men – Why not?

Men’s leather wallet – Discover the wonderful thing from CiceroLeather shop handmade leather wallet for men that brings from this personality, youthful wallet.

Buy handmade leather wallet for men – Why not?

Leather wallet for men are indispensable fashion accessories for men who go outside, go to work or go anywhere. As that person of yours, have you ever chosen to buy a men leather wallet for him?

Buy handmade leather wallet for men
Buy handmade leather wallet for men

While the majority of women’s wallet is full of small, lovely items, the male leather wallet is thick and contains all of his “skin”, including “treasures”, papers and items. other importance. Therefore, durability and ability to store furniture … are the two most important things when choosing a purse for him.

It is important that the wallet measures at 8x11cm when closed. It has 1 cash pocket, 6 card slots, and 2 conceal compartments, just enough to put in big papers such as driver’s license, coffee – parrot, ID card and ATM cards, but should not too big to easily fit in jeans or trousers.

The wallet of genuine calf leather and the main colors are the two color and texture combinations include black plus brown, black plus blue or black plus red or black green dark ones such as brown – black – suede, often accented with logos of famous brands such as Cicero, Versace, Burberry, Levi’s, Puma, D&G, LV, Boss, Camel, Mont Blanc … Some types also have business card compartments, photos, but if filled with these compartments, the leather wallet looks very thick and rough, losing the beauty of the leather wallet.

Men’s leather wallet is mainly a combination of leather and canvas. The decorative fabric on the front is not much, but it is a beautiful decorative accent, reducing the monotonous looks often seen in men’s wallets. These are the shared experiences in buying a male leather wallet for you.

Hope to help you in finding a meaningful and practical gift for him. That may be boyfriend gift wallet which we design and manufacture. we believe that our values lie in our responsibility to offer customers the highest quality and aesthetically designed products at the most affordable prices.

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