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Choosing Wallets And Elements Feng Shui

For those who do business, it is certainly not strange to choose the right objects fit feng shui to make the business more convenient. What color of clothes should be worn? What color car is suitable for the age ? And choosing feng shui wallets, so that the fortune will not be leaked out is an issue that almost everyone cares about.

Colors according to Feng Shui

Black leather wallets: The color that many people choose for men’s wallets is black, black symbolizes stability and convergence, opening up opportunities for enrichment for users. Black is considered to help owners not to spend money by accident. Black for men, this color also represents wealth and prosperity. If you are looking for career advancement or business development, choose a black wallet. Read more Why Is Black Never Out Of Trend

Colors according to Feng Shui
Colors according to Feng Shui

Brown leather wallets: Brown the symbol for soil. This is the recommended color when choosing men’s wallets. If you want to increase the amount of money in your wallet, savings or you have a habit of spending a lot of money, this color will help you know how to save money. This is why on the market this is the most popular color.

Brown handmade leather wallets
Brown handmade leather wallets

Men’s wallets are yellow: Yellow wallets are considered useful in creating money, wealth, convenience in business and career, bringing a lot of luck to users.

Choose and use wallets suitable for feng shui

Leather wallets are not simply used to hold money and personal papers, choose a feng shui wallet to help bring wealth and prosperity to you, bring money and luck. Therefore, when choosing a wallet, note the following: How To Choose And Use The Wallet Right Way

Selecting a multi-compartment wallet and large enough size full of money and personal papers, credit cards, cards … will help users have more wealth and prosperity.

Do not empty any compartment in the wallet, choose a wallet that when opened and closed is convenient. And important money and papers are not wrinkled or crumpled. Money should be arranged in a careful order and you must treasure your wallet, do not throw your wallet around, store your wallet in a tidy place to avoid your fortune being tangled.

Do not store invoices or debit notes in your wallet, this habit of users who thought to be harmless but accidentally went against the feng shui, these papers are considered as obstacles, consumes wealth and easy debt .

Do not reuse someone else’s old wallet: Using an old wallet is a big mistake in feng shui, the maximum time to use a wallet is from 2 to 3 years, beyond the above time limit, the wallet is no longer effective. to keep wealth, but can also cost you money.

Feng shui experts recommend that users should only put into identity cards, a few essential items and bring luck as the lucky charms you trust. Unrelated things should not be put in the wallet.

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