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Collecting idea for mens wallet

There are a lot of choices nowadays in the market for men’s wallets. Thus, having solid clues on what men’s wallet to get is a bit of a challenge. You might need to be collecting ideas for men’s wallet to consider the one that you would like to own. We are here to give you some pieces of idea for mens wallet with consideration in terms of brand trustiness and the quality of its products.

Men’s leather wallets become trend and fashion

Every man needs a wallet to carry his necessary items such as cash, card or ID proofs. Nowadays, besides performing its useful function, a wallet is considered a fashion item of men that actually can show his personality and style. One of the most favored types of wallet according to materials is leather wallets, especially slim leather wallet. A leather wallet is more than just a holder; it is a man’s inseparable belonging wherever they go.

Leather wallets have prevailed for a decade and it seems never gone away. Leather wallets just become more and more attractive to fashion aficionados, especially for men.

Leather wallets come in different sources based on the types of leather. In the market, you might have heard about wallets made from full grain leather wallet and top grain leather wallet, which are the two highest quality types of leather besides generated leather and faux leather which are at the bottom quality for leather goods.

With regards to shape of leather wallets, there are also a collection of them including bi-fold wallet, billfolds, and tri-fold, etc. They are classified simply upon how the wallet is folded.

Experts give idea for mens wallet will take these criteria into consideration to make sure there is a good collection of great clues for you to choose.

Idea for mens wallet

Mens wallet material

Wallet can be made from various material sources. There are ones from fabric, plastic, woods or even metal.  However, leather is one of the kinds that actually can bring the best look and durability for wallets. Leather wallets have been always the favorite kind for men so far. If the wallet is done with high quality leather, it surely possesses natural look and great durability.

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Full grain leather is the top best leather material of all types of leather available. Next in the list is top grain leather which also provides a very good quality of product below full grain. Other materials are generated leather and faux leather that are being processed more to remove imperfections on the surface and less durable over time. Of course, prices go downwards from full grain till faux leather.

This is also a piece of idea for mens wallet when it comes to choosing the material. You have to be cautious about where the leather is from.

Men’s wallet brands

Besides concerning about wallet material, users should think carefully about the brands which you are going to get your wallet from.

There are top brand names being popular and well-known for leather wallets in the industry including Cicero, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes. These brands are prestigious enough for you to not worry about any products you might get from here. Leather wallets from Cicero or other designer brands are of no doubt for quality and design.

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You might notice one of them is a new emerging brand that actually get attention from the leather wallet world is Cicero, a prominent brand specialized in making leather wallets, especially best known for its bi-fold slim wallets. Cicero offers multiple options for wallets colors of black, red, blue and green with classic combined modern designs that captivate men’s attention and interest. Each of the wallets from Cicero is completely made of full grain leather wallet, the highest and most durable type of leather.  Just like other designers brand like Gucci, Hermes, Givenchy, Cicero offer you warranty of your purchase and normally it never fails to satisfy its customers with the wallet designs and quality. One thing to note is that compared with designers brands, Cicero wallets do not cost an arm and a leg at all. They are very affordable at the range of around $100.  So besides the well-known brands you might have known, Cicero is an idea for mens wallet.

How to take care of mens leather wallet

After you have ideas of what leather wallet to get, you might wonder how to take care of them. With leather wallets that are made from real leather, they might occasionally need some pamper from its owner.

A leather wallet can be polished up by using leather cleanser with a soft cloth for wiping off the dust and stains. Never soak your wallet into water at all. Try to leave it dry naturally overnight after you have cleansed off the dust and dirt with leather cleaner. You can also apply some leather conditioner to make your wallet shine as it is the first time you’ve got it.

One more thing when using leather wallet, do not put them under the sunlight for too long. It may create fractures and dryness for leather since leather is like our skin.

We hope that some pieces of idea for mens wallet would have given you greater confidence while choosing your wallet item.  You will love what you choose if you take our suggestions into consideration.


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