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Custom wallet maker

As a full service manufacturer that is dedicated to providing brands with the highest level of craftsmanship, Cicero Leather provides vertically integrated leather goods manufacturer, that provides design + production – all under one roof.

We are an end to end supply chain solutions provider for all types of custom wallets. Whether you need production management, design & development, raw material sourcing, QA/QC, manufacturing, or freight logistics, we can assist you. Cicero Leather team has experience working for other recognizable brands.

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We can provide finished goods, across multiple segments through our consulting service. Being a vertically integrated partner, with USA and international factories, gives us a unique advantage. Our primary focus is to form long lasting partnerships with our clients. That’s why we do our absolute best to have the best vertically integrated process in the industry.

From large mass produced order to small selections, we can help your brand and adjust our approach to suit your needs.


We have experience in taking a concept or design brief and transforming that idea into a tangible custom wallet maker. Our team of in-house designers specialize in textile or leather custom wallets. We focus on helping your realize your goals and objectives. That means help you discover who will use your product and what your target consumer is looking for. In addition to having extensive industry experience, we have unique access to experts who who can help create a product which will top your expectations.

We will talk you through all of your design and discuss material options, lead times, pricing, and all other important information during the custom wallets development and manufacturing process.


Finding the right materials, for your custom wallet maker, is critical. We ensure then the selected materials are sourced to align with the quality you demand, comply with the relevant laws, and meet or exceed your companies sustainability policy. We understand that that materials used are as important as the product’s design.

We have firsthand knowledge of how items are made, and have the right relationships and alliances in place, globally, to handle any sourcing issues. Our goal is to help you remain innovative and help you create a viable and reliable supply chain.

Our difference is that we go to the source, even on the smallest of orders. We work directly with weavers, knitters, tanneries, packaging manufacturers, to develop the exact item you have specified. We maintain strong relationships with material suppliers, and spend all the time that is needed to solve problems.


We understand that execution is just as critical as great design. Manufacturing is important to our business and yours alike. That why our team owns, operates, and manages, plants overseas, and in the USA. All domestic and international facilities are part of the Cicero Leather supply chain. They are modernized to our high standards – and you can rely on them to handle your order.

Our factories are staffed with full time product engineers, development experts, and production managers who will ensure that your custom wallet maker meets the exact specs, and is delivered on time, and on budget. Every single one of our manufacturing facilities have strict policies to prevent any child-labor abuse, human rights abuse, and have stringent factory safety standards in place.

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