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Different Styles of Men’s Wallet

Men are not usually very fussy about their appearances. Unlike women, who love dressing up and changing up their outfits and style almost everyday, men like to figure out the one style that works for them and stick to it.

They don’t think too much about brands, colors, and how their overall outfit looks like just as long as they look presentable and put together. While some men may break this stereotype, like those who are fashion-forward and like to stand out from the crowd, there is no denying that women are just generally more into these kinds of things.

A great example of this is the fact that men usually stick to one wallet and do not pay attention to it until they notice it’s already falling apart. Some don’t even consider the wallet’s style and quality, as long as they think it’s enough to carry cash and other necessities they need to bring with them on a daily basis.

But did you know that the wallet’s design has something to do with its functionality as well? That’s right – the style of a wallet is not solely for aesthetic purposes. There are different styles of men’s wallet that make each suitable for everyday or for different occasions.

Searching for Different Styles of Men’s Wallet

Below are the different styles of men’s wallet that you can choose from. Read on to find out their differences and so it’s easier for you to decide.


Billfold wallets are your basic two-fold wallets which fit right into the pockets of your pants. These are obviously that most common type of wallet among men because they are the most reliable out of the bunch, and are often simply designed to fit any social or business setting.

They are composed of all the compartments you need to be able to carry all your credit cards, bills, IDs and driver’s licenses, and store/restaurant membership cards. It usually also has a window slotfor a photo of your loved ones.

There are two main types of billfold wallets:

  • Bifold – This is composed of two sides that fold together, with each side having multiple small compartments where you can insert your cards.
  • Trifold – Like the bi-fold type, this also has two sides with multiple compartments, but includes a third flap of material in between, which usually houses the window slot.

Sport Wallet

The sport wallet is usually made of synthetic weave and comes in brighter colors. These also come with special features that are specifically designed for men who need the assurance that the contents of their wallet will stay put no matter what they do, due to their more active lifestyle.

You may have seen wallets with chains that allow the user to attach them to their pants – those fall under this category. Sport wallets can also come with velcro strips and zippers, and are usually water resistant.

These are the types of wallet that prioritize functionality over aesthetics, so don’t be surprised that they won’t necessarily look good with a suit and tie.

Slim Wallet

Speaking of functions that require a suit and tie, slim wallets would be the perfect option for formal events where you would need tailored pants, or anything that is tighter than your average clothing and might cause the regular billfold wallet to seem too bulky for you. Slim wallets are convenient because they are lightweight and small enough to fit practically anywhere, but they sacrifice capacity since they can only fit so much.

On the bright side, though, slim wallets will force you to decide which of your daily wallet’s contents are the most important.

Money Clip

If you need something even smaller and slimmer than slim wallets, try metal money clips. They are exactly what they sound like – they are almost gadget-like in appearance and hold money for when you don’t have enough space for your wallet.

Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is usually made larger than a billfold, and also has larger compartments to accommodate tickets, passports, card visit and the like for when you are traveling. They also have attachment clips that prevent the contents from falling out and being misplaced. Since they are bigger, it’s no surprise that they are not practical for everyday use, as they will not fit in your jeans or jacket pockets. However, they are really helpful for traveling and storing all your travel necessities in one place.

Wallet/Phone Case

In this day and age, it’s very unlikely that someone doesn’t carry their phone with them. Having a bulky wallet and a fairly huge smartphone in your pockets can take its toll on your pants, so a phone case doubling as a wallet is useful to keep things in check. You can have everything you need within reach, but the downside is that it’s not going to carry all your bills and cards like a regular billfold would.

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