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Dry leather wallet with Cicero Leather expert

When you consider getting a wallet, it is always important that the wallet is long lasting and durable over time and use. If it just works for a few months then is torn out or cracked, it is just ending up costing you more than what you expect.

When buying a leather wallet

Moreover, if the wallet is broken on your way heading somewhere, it’s likely that you can lose your cards or money from the hole in your wallet. Therefore, buying a wallet with high quality is very necessary. At the same time, how to remain the wallet as nice and strong as it is supposed to be is also something to care for. To clean leather wallet from time to time is very critical in taking care of the wallet and dry leather wallet in a right manner is one of the unavoidable steps in cleaning a leather wallet.

Dry leather wallet with Cicero Leather expert
Dry leather wallet with Cicero Leather expert

The fact is that being able to dry leather wallet can eventually help you expand the life span of the leather wallet. Today let’s discuss with Cicero leather wallet expert on how to dry leather wallet.

So what is good about a leather wallet and what are the benefits of drying leather wallet?

The benefits of drying leather wallet?

Leather wallets are items that literally last very long. If you take good care of the wallet, you can use it up to decades unless you change your style. It also takes very little time to spend on cleaning the leather and it is completely a worthwhile process.

Also, cleaning leather wallet will ensure hygiene for yourself as dirt clogged on surface, between wrinkles or inside the wallet can carry germs that end up making you sick. Therefore, it is very beneficial if you can put some efforts in cleaning your wallet from time to time or whenever you find it necessary to clear off the dirt and renew the wallet.

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How to dry leather wallet properly

To dry your leather wallet is actually very simple. However, when drying it, you have to make sure that you will not create any damage for the wallet. At the same time, drying the wallet properly will also make the wallet look new and remaining the goodness of its instinct.

Cicero’s the leather expert recommend some steps for drying leather wallet as following content. However, let’s get ready first with some materials needed for drying leather wallets.
You will need a clean dry cloth; it would be great with a new cloth, by the way. Also, a bowl and some lukewarm water are necessary. And last but not least, get some leather conditioner ready. You can purchase the conditioner from convenient stores or other stores.

First off, don’t forget to remove the contents inside the wallet. It can be your cards, money and other items; also remove the debris of things such as tiny pieces of bills or paper or other stuff. Double-check until you ensure that no contents are available in the wallet except itself.

Secondly, go get an absorbent cloth to wipe the wallet inside out, within the compartments and slots. Be mindful when you do this, especially inside the openings and pockets of the wallet so as not to harm or stretch out the leather.

After that, it’s time to dry leather wallet. You can’t wait to put your items back, but don’t do it when the wallet is still damp or wet. Make sure that the wallet is dry naturally. So to do this, keep the wallet in a closed position. All shut! Then hang the wallet on whatever line you think is convenient. But the line should be soft, not too tough for the leather. You have to always bear in mind that you should never use a blow dryer or any other way to speed up the drying process. Also, do not put the wallet nearby fire. Any touch of heat from such resources can change the chemical structure of leather which is harmful for the wallet, of course. Let it dry to the degree that it’s a little damp.

It’s time to condition it. When most of the humidity from the leather has gone away and the wallet is a bit damp, you can start apply conditioner onto the wallet. Use a cloth to put on the conditioner thoroughly and patiently.


With such simple tutorial steps from Cicero leather wallet experts on how to dry leather wallet, we hope that you are now confident to make your leather look stunning and shiny as it is like when you are attracted by it at first purchase. These basics steps can be applied to dry any real leather goods.  A big note that if you ever drop your wallet into the water, you can follow such steps as our Cicero leather wallet experts have recommended. They will definitely work well.

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