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How to Break In a Leather Wallet

Many people make the mistake of buying a new leather wallet and neglecting to break it in. This leads to an uncomfortable, unsightly wallet that can also be difficult when you need to use it. Most people don’t know how to break in their leather wallets, but there are some simple tricks you can try that will make this process much easier and ensure your wallet lasts for years.

Why you should break in your wallet

A leather wallet is an investment. If you’re going to spend the money on a new wallet, it’s worth investing time in breaking it in properly. It can be tempting to throw your new leather wallet into your bag or even your back pocket without thinking about how you will treat it. But this can lead to premature wear and tear.

The best way to break in a leather wallet is by adding some seasoning first. You could use cooking oil, but adding some beeswax or other similar substance first will help keep the oil from staining the inside of your wallet. Rub the substance onto the outside of the wallet before you start using it, then rub onto the inside as well. The goal is to provide conditioning for both sides of the material so that they are equally strengthened and broken in properly over time.


How to break in your new leather wallet

There are many ways to break in a new leather wallet, but there are two techniques that work especially well. The first technique is to fill the inside of the wallet with paper and close it up. The second technique is to add one or two items, such as a pen or your drivers license, and carry the wallet around for a day.

The key to breaking in a leather wallet, or any other leather in your possession, is to take care in the process. The first step is to clean and dry your new purchase completely. This removes any dirt or chemicals from the manufacturing process that could have been left on the wallet. The next step is applying a layer of mink oil to the surface of the wallet. This will condition and protect the leather from drying out. Allow it to soak into the leather for a few hours before wiping off excess product with a soft cloth. Next, place a heavy object on top of your wallet for 24 hours to help distribute weight evenly and produce a more uniform look. Finally, remove it from under the heavy object and gradually add items to your new wallet until it reaches its normal capacity.

Use a hair dryer, not a microwave


One way to break in your leather wallet is by using a hair dryer. You can do this by placing your wallet inside a zippered plastic bag and then running the hair dryer over it for 25-30 minutes on low heat. This will make the leather softer and easier to fold.

Another way you can break in your new wallet is by microwaving it. This may sound strange, but microwaves are known for their ability to soften leather. To do this, place your new wallet on a paper plate or something similar, turn on the microwave for 10 seconds, then turn it off. Allow the wallet to sit in the microwave for 30 seconds before turning it back on again. Repeat this process 3-4 times before taking the wallet out of the microwave.

Use a lint roller and moisturizer

The first step to breaking in a leather wallet is to remove all the lint and dust from it. This can be done by using a lint roller or by brushing the wallet down with a clean cloth. Once this is done, use a moisturizer like lotion or hand cream on the areas that need it. This will help break in the leather and keep it soft and easy to use for years to come.

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Apply baby powder and other oils

The first step to breaking in your leather wallet is to apply oils. You can use baby powder, talcum powder, or even corn starch to coat the inside. This will help soften the leather and create a protective layer that will avoid cracking. After applying the oil, take a paper towel or cloth to buff into the purse. This will help get rid of any excess oil and ensure that it doesn’t stain your clothes or hands.


Leather wallets are an iconic accessory. But it can be difficult to break them in. The leather needs to be softened and conditioned in order to crease and form to your body. This process can take a while, but there are a variety of ways you can speed up the process. If you’re ready to start breaking in your leather wallet, read on!

1. What You’ll Need: A hair dryer, a lint roller and moisturizer, baby powder, and other oils such as moisturizing lotion or olive oil.

2. How to Break In Your Leather Wallet: After you purchase your leather wallet, you should immediately start breaking it in. Load the wallet with credit cards and other credit card-like objects such as membership cards or loyalty cards. Carry the wallet in your back pocket and use it for everyday purchases and tasks such as paying bills and balancing your checkbook.

A new leather wallet will have a natural stiffness. Breaking it in will help to make it more pliable and easier to use.

To break a new wallet in, load it up with a few cards and a small amount of cash, and then spend a day going about your normal day. If you tend to carry a lot of cards and cash with you, consider keeping your old wallet in your pocket for this day.

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