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How to Carry Long Wallets Style Guide

Your wallet is one of the most important items you own, not just because it’s vital for keeping your cash and cards safe, but because it’s a piece of apparel you’re likely to wear almost every day. Whether you’re carrying a cardholder or a bulky wallet, here are 8 ways to get more style out of your wallet and keep yourself looking fresh.

Make your wallet look fashionable

Wallet fashion is not just about the design, but also the color of your wallet. It’s important to pick a color that’s going to look good with your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a black shirt and navy blue jeans, maybe you should go with a grey or navy wallet. If you’re wearing something more colorful like a bright green shirt and orange jeans, then you might want to go for something in red or brown.

Find the best wallet for your needs

When you’re looking for a wallet, make sure you get one that best suits your needs. Whether you need a small card holder or something with ample space for all your cards, it’s important to find the best wallet for your specific situation. It can be hard to determine which size you’ll need, so take time to try out different styles and colors before deciding on the right size.

If you’re going for a cardholder wallet, make sure it has enough room for all of your cards and personal items without being too bulky in your pocket or bag. If you’re going for a larger option, make sure the wallet is durable and withstands the test of time.

If you don’t want to carry around a bulky wallet, consider getting a slim card holder that folds up easily into its own pocket. This type of wallet is easy to carry and doesn’t weigh down what you’re carrying with it. As long as you stay within these two sizes, there are plenty of options available in terms of style and color as well!

Pick the right size to keep track of your money and cards

One of the most important things you can do before picking out your wallet is find out what size it should be. Too much room in your wallet can make it hard to fit everything that you need into one place, while too little room could also make it difficult to keep track of cash or cards.

To determine what size wallet is best for you, measure your pockets and try holding up different sizes of wallets. This will help you identify whether you prefer a thin, medium, or thick wallet. If you find that carrying a thin wallet fits well with the rest of your clothes but doesn’t have enough space for all the cards that you want to carry with you, consider purchasing a card holder instead. For those who prefer carrying a thicker wallet like this one, consider finding something that has just enough room for what’s needed and nothing more.

Add a pop of color, print, or texture to your wallet

To get more style out of your wallet, you can add a pop of color, print, or texture to it. If you have a printed wallet that you love but it’s not the most stylish outfit in the world, change up the print by adding some subtle tone-on-tone designs on your cardholder. You can also easily customize your wallet with a fun pattern. Adding a little bit of design to your wallet is also a great way to make it feel brand new again!

Carry it on your wrist with a wristlet

Wristlets are a great way to carry your wallet without adding bulk. They’re typically made from durable materials and designed to be carried on your wrist. If you’re looking for a simpler option, look for one that has only one pocket.

Carry it on your waist with a belt or accessory

Carrying a wallet on your waist isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not easy to make a wallet look stylish like this, but it can be done with the right accessories. The easiest way is to find a belt or other accessory that matches your wallet and wear them together. For example, you could wear your wallet on your hip with a strap from one of your shoes. Or you could put it in an attached pocket in a leather biker jacket and wear it as part of the outfit.

A similar method is to carry an eye-catching purse that matches the color of your wallet and use it as part of the outfit. If you’re carrying a brown leather cardholder, you could carry a lighter brown purse to match; if you’re wearing black jeans, you could carry a matching black purse.

Carry it in style in an evening bag

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish than your standard wallet, how about carrying it in a chic evening bag? You can jazz up your wallet with a delicate flower print or add some bling with rhinestones. If you’re not big on spending the extra money on an evening purse, there are plenty of ways to carry your wallet sans evening bag. You can carry it in a clutch, sling over your shoulder or tuck into the top of a skinny jeans pocket.

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