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How to choose and use the wallet right way

A handy wallet is when it is enough to store money, cards and ID cards, etc. When opening and closing, it is convenient and important that money and paper are not wrinkled or crumpled. And it’s important to be fashionable.

You should not choose wallets with too bizarre shapes, the simpler the better. The types of wallets that are square, rectangular or semi-circular are simple .It to take the shape of Moc, Tho and Kim, respectively, accordance with feng shui, good for your talents.

Nowadays, there are great deals of leather wallet brands from average to high end level. You can select the design and color or brand that you love.

For high quality and luxury leather wallet brand, Cicero is highly recommended. Cicero leather wallets are durable and long lasting thanks to the real calf leather material with handmade stitching techniques by skilled makers which. Cicero products are the bi-folded slim wallet with spacious capacity of cash pocket, 6 card slots and 2 conceal compartments. This enables the hold of multiple items such as cards, cash or ID, etc. Your man can comfortably carry the Cicero wallet out all day long by placing it in the front or back pocket or even hand holding it; either way is convenient and pleasant. In addition, despite of its high quality and authenticity, Cicero is very reasonably affordable at around $100. You will love it.

Money should be arranged carefully into all compartments, avoiding empty pockets. This way you will attract more money and fortune for yourself.

If your wallet broken, you should replace your new wallet immediately, but do not give away your old wallet because if you give it away, your money will follow.

Reserve a small amount of money in your wallet and never spend that amount. This not only helps you feel secure and confident in all situations but it is also a factor that attracts more money and prosperity for yourself. An empty wallet will make you feel lost, lack of confidence and insecurity.