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How to clean leather goods in general and leather wallets in particular.

Bags, backpack, handmade men leather wallet … keep them always new.

Today, the possession of a leather item is becoming more and more popular, such as handmade men’s leather wallets, leather shoes, leather bags, leather backpacks, leather briefcases … But for them to always be new, the skin is always soft. For many people is a whole new problem.

In this article, Ciceroleather will show you some of the most basic ways to clean leather.

1. How to preserve leather items

– Do not use leather when it is raining, bath or body has too much sweat. These substances will make the leather pouch, wallet, dry and moldy. And if it get wet, you should not use a dryer, which will make your skin more prone to cracking. Let it air dry naturally.

How to preserve leather items
How to preserve leather items

– When using leather wallets, we should limit throwing them close to the floor even though the floor is lined with bricks, but the soil evaporation will cause the skin to break down, especially in the rainy season, the air easily leads to mold.

– If dirty, do not clean leather or leather wallet with water too many times.

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2. How to clean leather goods

Leather is easy to dust, so before cleaning you have to clean the surface of the skin with a dry towel. This is the first thing you should do.

* Use bleach eraser

There is an extremely simple way to clean leather, men’s leather wallet using an eraser. You use eraser to remove the spot where it is easy to scratch when it is clean. The line can be scrubbed only if the sewing thread is dirty.

How to clean leather goods
How to clean leather goods

* Clean leather with mild detergent:

You use a little moisturizing shampoo with a little detergent on a wet towel and rub lightly to create foam. Apply this layer of foam to the skin, the surface of the handmade men’s leather wallet, then wipe it with a dry towel. After drying, apply a little conditioner on the skin directly on the skin and continue to gently rub to increase the gloss.

* Cleaning leather goods with specialized cleaning chemicals

If you clean with soap bubbles you find ineffective, you can choose special chemicals for cleaning. On the market today many of these products, many stores sell leather sanitary products.

Very simple to use, spray the sanitizer onto the skin surface, leave the leather wallet for a few minutes and then use a dry and soft cloth to wipe it. If your item is waxed, you should not use this method. Because the surface may soak up the solution, the solution may be darker than the others.

* Cleaning with alcohol solution.

This is used to treat stubborn stains, but this also has its danger that the percentage of losing the original skin is very high. You should be careful when using this method. Take a cotton swab with a little alcohol and rub it gently on the spot where the dirt is, remember to rub it lightly. After cleaning, you can remove the non-stained gel so that the skin becomes soft again.

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