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How to dry leather wallet ?

Have you ever dropped your leather wallet into the water, or accidentally put the leather wallet in washing machine, washed leather wallet…while leather is known for its toughness, one thing that can really ruin its appearance and longevity is soaking it in water. So it needs to be cared for and dry in the correct way.

While this isn’t a big deal for something cheap you don’t care about but it’s a disaster for an expensive leather wallet, bag or shoes. You can end up causing significant damage to leather if you do not look after it correctly. It should be dried correctly as this will help your wallet to look new, stay clean and it will preserve the leather for many years to come.

So how to dry leather wallet in such cases. You will also need to learn how to dry your leather wallet. The truth is that learning to dry leather wallet can end up helping to preserve the life of your wallet. Let us give you some tips.

Leather wallet gets wet
Leather wallet gets wet

Why does your leather wallet get wet

Due to rain or accidentally drop into the water, forget in the pocket and put in the washing machine…And there are countless unpredictable reasons that make your leather wallet gets wet.

But for one, don’t panic. What to do when leather wallet gets wet. Read this guide to find out how to care for wallet leather from being ruined after they get wet.

Why should it be “real leather wallet”?

Because as a silk shirt always requires lightness when wearing as well as washing, real leather wallet is also the material that needs care to ensure the value and durability over time.

Many people do not know how to dry their wallets correctly. Is one of the best real leather wallet to buy, which will minimize the risk of loss money about leather material, is a quality leather wallet. A leather wallet can end up lasting for many years to come. All that is required from your part is to put in the time and effort in order to ensure that you do things correctly.

However you will need to keep the wallet in a good condition. You will need to cleaning leather wallet with simple steps from time to time.

The difference between genuine leather wallet and faux leather when wet

Faux leather is a synthetic material made of artificial ingredients, the characteristics of leatherette wallets are waterproof because there are plastics in the composition, so Faux leather wallets will be “durable” over time. When wet, you can easily wipe and dry naturally or dry with a dryer. However, with the style value from the inside, it cannot match a real leather wallet.

Cicero Leather full grain leather wallet
Cicero Leather full grain leather wallet

For real leather wallets, the “water resistance” is completely natural, because it is the outer layer of animal skin, where the most durable texture is available. Besides, because it is real leather, when it gets wet, the water will seep through the pores and then also through these pores, bring air into each skin fiber, help the wallet to dry again. However, since it has been separated from the body, the real skin will no longer guarantee its function and not be provided with nutrients to feed the skin, so for the skin to be used for a long time, we still should limit the exposure of skin to water.

How to dry leather wallet ? Steps to take when your leather wallet gets wet

If you just accidentally wet a part of your real leather wallet or accidentally spilled some water on your wallet, just use a tissue or a soft cloth moistened with water on the surface to allow it to dry naturally.

In case your wallet falls into a wet state, then we need to pay attention to the following steps:

– Step 1: Take things out of your wallet like money, credit cards, …

The first is take everything out of your leather wallet. If you have done it already, check again and get rid of debris such as small pieces of paper, pieces of lint or anything else.

Take things out of your wallet like money, credit cards, ...
Take things out of your wallet like money, credit cards, …

– Step 2: Use a dry, soft and absorbent towel from inside to outside the wallet.

Before letting the wallet dry naturally, use a dry lint-free cloth to manually wipe down the wallet. If possible, use a cloth that is absorbent. Get in the pockets and slots but be careful not to damage or stretch out the leather.

Use a dry, soft and absorbent towel from inside to outside the wallet
Use a dry, soft and absorbent towel from inside to outside the wallet

– Step 3: Let the wallet dry naturally at room temperature.

Do not use dryer to dry even in the cold drying mode is available in some dryers, because when drying too quickly or being affected by heat, the leather will be easily wrinkled.

Make sure that you leave it in a safe place, where it can get sufficient air. The temperature is also very important. You don’t want to leave it out on a cold day where it will not get any fresh air or sun.

Now this may sound simple enough but it is important to ensure that you keep your wallet far away from heathers and other drying methods…Do not use a blow dryer or any other method to dry the wallet quicker. Wait not until the wallet is completely dry but until it’s damp instead of soaked.

You will need to leave your wallet out to dry until it is fully dry. It is best to ensure that you leave your wallet out to dry overnight. Once your wallet is completely dry, only then should you think about using it again. You need to give it the chance to dry on its own. This is the very best way to preserve the leather after you have washed it.

Besides, because the surface of the real leather allows water permeation, the air also allows it to circulate inside and dry the wallet. So, you don’t need to leave your wallet in the open state, but leave your wallet dry in a closed shape, leave it inside 1-2 cards to make the wallet standard after drying. Leaving the wallet dry in a closed state also ensures that the wallet is returned to its normal shape after drying as well as not wrinkling the leather.

Cicero Leather genuine leather wallet
Leave your wallet in the closed state while waiting for it to dry

If, after dryness, you feel that your wallet has lost its softness due to the detergent in the washing machine that has washed away the natural oils of the leather, apply some softening cream or lotion exclusively for real leather wallets.

Some people are afraid because they think that it is difficult to preserve as well as hot and humid climate will quickly damage the leather. This is not entirely true because even in any climate, if the leather is not cared for, it can be degraded over time. In fact, preserving leather goods is not difficult, we still think, just a little attention is that we can own a luxurious and durable value over time.

In case the leather is wet and damaged, it is due to the fact that it has not been completely dried, plus the moist air if it is raining, it will keep the moisture in the wallet too much so that the skin is easily damaged. The solution for this case is to use a desiccant package to get into the purse (you can take advantage of the dehumidification package of the bags).

If you leave your wallet or any kind of leather item for a while without using it, you should put the desiccant pack in the box with your wallet, or wrap it in paper so that your leather can breathe and not be damaged or flaked by time Time, absolutely do not use plastic bags will make the leather “unable to breathe”.

Full grain leather products can be used in any climate zone, provided they are cared for properly.
Full grain leather products can be used in any climate zone, provided they are cared for properly.

Using a real leather wallet requires a bit of care but in return, when using a good item you will feel yourself worthwhile. What you use, you wear every day will somehow reflect that.

Tips for drying your leather wallet

  • You should make use of leather conditioner and rub it into the wallet in a circular motion. This process will help to rejuvenate the older leather and make sure that it stays soft. You than can proceed to put your wallet in a safe place, where it will get sufficient air to dry on its own.
  • It’s important to empty the wallet. Make sure that every single piece of paper is carefully removed.
  • When you are cleaning leather wallet, be sure to make use of a brand new cloth. Be careful that you do not scrub too hard when you are cleaning your wallet. It is important to take the time how to clean leather wallet in the correct manner.
  • Only place items back into your wallet, after it is completely dry. Do not use your wallet again, until it is fully dried on its own. Allow your leather wallet enough time to air dry. Do not force it to dry quickly and give it sufficient time.
  • Make sure that you do not use a hair dryer or a heater. Do not put it next to a fire. What you need to know is that excessive amounts of heat from any form can end up changing the chemical structure of leather. It will seriously mess it up and it will never be the same again.
  • It is important to be aware that leather will more than likely, stretch out when it is wet. DO not be alarmed if it looks different when it is wet. You can get it back to its original shape and structure by air drying leather wallet it in the correct manner.
  • The best part about a leather wallet is that it literally can last years and even decades if you look after it correctly. Although it may seem pointless to spend considerable amounts of time and energy cleaning and drying leather wallet, the truth is that it is a very worthwhile process.
  • Taking the time and effort to ensure that you purchase the right products and dry it in the right way, can end up keeping your wallet in an excellent condition.

Here is how to dry leather wallet when it gets wet according to Cicero Leather’s experience to share with you. If you feel the article useful , please share it with others.

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