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How to dry wet leather ?

While leather is known for its toughness, one thing that can really ruin its appearance and longevity is soaking it in water.

While this isn’t a big deal for something cheap you don’t care about; its a disaster for an expensive leather wallet, bag or shoes.

How to dry wet leather
How to dry wet leather

How to dry wet leather ?

First, don’t panic. Read this guide to find out how to save your leather goods from being ruined after they get wet.

1. Dry

Gently wipe off any standing water and allow it to naturally dry to the point of being damp – just use a tissue or a soft cloth moistened with water on the surface to allow it to dry naturally.. (Do NOT apply unnatural heat, like a blow dryer.)

For a jacket, hang it on a wide, padded hanger. For bags or shoes, stuff them with crumpled newspaper to help hold their shape.

Do not use dryer to dry even in the cold drying mode is available in some dryers, because when drying too quickly or being affected by heat, the leather will be easily wrinkled.

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2. Condition

While the leather is still slightly wet (just damp), apply a reasonably thick coat of leather conditioner. Massage the conditioner into the surface of the leather and leave it to dry for several hours or overnight. The conditioner will penetrate the leather and replenish the natural oils that were stripped when it got wet.

3. Protect

If it seems overly dry in places, apply additional conditioner to those areas and buff the entire surface of the leather. (After you’ve addressed the current wet leather situation, you can apply a water and stain repellent before it gets wet again.)

After dryness, you feel that leather has lost its softness that water has washed away the natural oils of the leather, let apply some softening cream or lotion.


Tips for dry wet leather

You should make use of leather conditioner . This process will help to rejuvenate the older leather and make sure that it stays soft

Make sure that you do not use a hair dryer or a heater. Do not put it next to a fire. What you need to know is that excessive amounts of heat from any form can end up changing the chemical structure of leather. It will seriously mess it up and it will never be the same again.

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