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How to make leather new again ?

Owning a few unique and durable leather products becomes popular in every family. Here are some ways to preserve and renew the best leather goods.

1. How to preserve leather items

– The first thing you need to remember is to never leave leather items close to the floor, even though your floor has tiled or cemented floors. Earth vapors will cause skin breakdown and especially in the rainy season, moist air will cause moldy skin.
– Do not use leather when it is wet, rainy, or when you have too much sweat. These substances will harden the skin quickly. If the skin is damp, do not use a dryer to dry it because it will make the skin more susceptible to dryness and cracking, leaving the skin naturally dry in a well-ventilated place. Each season, leather goods should be softened several times, especially in areas with a sunny, humid climate. When using polish, it is important to note that the color of the cement must match the color of the product, and be careful not to damage the natural skin color.

How to make leather new again ?
How to make leather new again ?

2. How to polish leather items

– You use a soft felt pad soaked in fresh milk rubbed on the skin. Remember to rub your hands and scrub all in a circular way. After that, remove the dry cloth and clean it.
– You filter the egg white, beat it to the snow. After that, if you have a leather wallet, a long-term leather bag is hard-dry, use the above-mentioned egg whites to penetrate a clean cloth to hit hard on the wallet, leather bag. Then, wipe thoroughly with another clean towel. It is assured that the items will be as soft and shiny as when they were bought.

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3. When cleaning, pay attention

– When erasing, you should start with a small array, which is difficult to see for testing. After a few minutes, if there is no discoloration, continue. Use a damp cloth or a small brush. If your skin gets moldy, you mix it with water, use a cloth dipped in this solution, and remove it. If the stain is too “stubborn”, you can use soap and water soap, then use a dipped towel to remove the soap that is still on the skin, then let the skin dry.

How to make leather new again ?
How to make leather new again ?

4. Long-term storage

– A leather item, when stored for a long time, is not used, you should store it in a cool, dry, cool place. Do not put leather in plastic bags, boxes are too tight. Where to store leather, you should add some moisture-absorbing seeds and leave.
– How to keep the leather without hardening: Leather goods are absorbed by rain water, often hardened. You should take half a rubbed potato very hard, thoroughly on the bag Done, you polish it with poker, the leather will dry out hard.

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5. How to lose mold marks on the skin

– If your leather utensils are moldy, you can lose mold marks by removing clean rags soaked with pine oil. However, if the mark is ingrained into the skin, it is not clean, you must be as follows:
– You use sandpaper, very pure stuff hit the mold mark to clean. After finishing, you must fill the sanded skin with the same color as the surrounding skin. Finally, you use wax to polish the ball back.

6. How to lose fat on the skin

– First, you must use Benzine cotton wool to wipe on the open oil slick. The skin will fade away, no longer with the same skin color, you must polish it with wax of the same color as the skin.

7. Preserving bags

– About 2 times per year, renew your leather bag with colorless shoe polish.
– To repair, do not bring shoes repair or dry cleaning, risk of being damaged by using the wrong tool. Bring it to a professional bag repair service.
– Do not store leather bags in plastic bags, it can dry bags or get sticky in the skin. Insert old scrap paper or T-shirt into the bag to keep it in shape. Place the bag in the store’s felt bag or pillow case and stand up.
– When storing leather bags for a long time, you should stuff newspaper inside, both have the effect of absorbing moisture, while keeping the shape to help them not break, crack the surface.

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