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How to Remove Musty Smell From Leather

The leather industry is one of the most unique industries in the world. It’s made up of a diverse group of craftsmen, artisans, and manufacturers who all work to produce some of the most sought after materials in modern society. So when something goes wrong with your leather-bound book or jacket, you stuff it away in your closet for years. With time, you start to notice that there’s a musty smell coming from your jacket. What’s going on? Are you just imagining things? Well, before you get too worried about it, read this guide on how to remove musty smells from leather!

What Causes the Smell?

There are a few different causes for musty smells in leather. One of the most common causes is mold or mildew. This type of smell is often caused by a buildup of moisture and bacteria. The other common cause for musty smells in leather is the buildup of sweat and oils from your skin, which can be caused by contact with the jacket that you don’t wash regularly.

Remove Musty Smell From Leather

First, you’ll want to clean the area where the smell is coming from. You can use a damp cloth and soap, or a diluted mixture of vinegar and water. Make sure the area is thoroughly dry before applying leather cleaner to it. Next, after you’ve cleaned your jacket, dab some leather cleaner onto a dry cloth or brush. In order for the cleaner to work, you should apply it evenly across each surface. It’s best to do this in sections if possible as you go along so that you don’t damage any part of your jacket in the process. Work through all surfaces until they are completely clean and then allow it to air dry overnight on low heat.

Clean Leather with a Vacuum Cleaner

Your first step should be to run a vacuum cleaner over the leather. This will remove dust and other particles that could be causing the musty smell. It’s important to vacuum every inch of your leather, including inside pockets and zippers.

If you still have an odor coming from your jacket, try applying some baking soda to the areas where it smells. Wrap the area in a plastic bag or leave it on for about 48 hours before you wash it off with water and soap. Keep in mind that if you use this method, you should also use a dryer sheet or fabric softener sheets as well to help absorb any moisture.

If you’re still noticing a musty smell coming from your jacket, try rubbing antibiotic ointment onto the leather after cleaning it with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

Remove Musty Smell From Leather With Baking Soda

So you have a musty smell coming from your leather pieces and you’re not sure how to get rid of it. Maybe it’s because you’ve been wearing these clothes for years, or maybe someone spilled coffee on your leather jacket when you were out at a bar. Whatever the case may be, try removing the musty smell with baking soda!

You can use this method for all kinds of leather goods: shoes, jackets, handbags, furniture, and so on. First off, make sure to clean the affected area before using baking soda. Melt some butter in a pan over medium heat and add baking soda to it. Then use a rag or cloth and rub it into the affected area. Keep rubbing until the scent has disappeared. If needed, repeat this process as many times as necessary. You should also keep in mind that if your piece is not food safe like most cookware is, then you’ll need to do some research before applying baking soda to clean up any stains or spills!

Use White Vinegar to Remove Musty Smells from Leather

The most common solution to this problem is white vinegar. When you mix white vinegar with water, it will neutralize the smell and make your leather fresh again. The best part about this cleaner is that you can use it on all types of materials, including metals!

Let’s start by adding two cups of white vinegar to a bucket. This is going to be our cleaning solution and we’re going to need a lot of it for this job. Next, grab your brush and dip it into the vinegar-water mixture and then scrub down anything that needs cleaning. Now, let’s take care of the musty smell from your jacket! With one or two spritzes of your favorite essential oil, spray down the jacket and let it sit for about 10 minutes before scrubbing off the dirt with a cloth or towel. And there you go! If there’s still a strong odor coming from your jacket after using vinegar-water mixture, try using baking soda (2 parts baking soda to 1 part water) as an alternative cleaner

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