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How to restore leather handbag ?

A handbag made of leather material is a fashion item that any girl wants to own. However, it is not always possible to keep your leather bag as new as it was by stubborn stains. Don’t worry, some of the following stain remover tips will help you to restore leather handbag as how to restore leather purse very simply without having to be too headache. You can try it.

How to restore leather handbag: Stubborn ink stains.

This is the kind of stains that girls often encounter most with their bags. Just a little prudence is that the ink from the pen can ruin the look of your bag. Especially even more pathetic if it appears in an easily visible location.

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But don’t worry too much, if it’s a painted leather, apply a Windex cleaner or skin cleanser to buy from a shoe polish on a clean cotton towel and gently apply it to the stain. The ink ball pen will gradually disappear only after several gentle scrubbing.


How to restore leather handbag: Stubborn ink stains.
How to restore leather handbag: Stubborn ink stains.

How to clean leather handbag that are soiled with grease

Not as complicated as with ink stains, to cope with greasy stains, you just need to do it in a very simple way. It is when you put grease on the bag, you can clean it by mixing dishwashing liquid with extract of lemon and water and then scrubbing around the dirty area. Although not too complicated as ink stick but with these grease traces, you should be very careful.

How to clean leather handbag that are soiled with grease
How to clean leather handbag that are soiled with grease

A little oil washes the lemon essence will immediately remove grease on your pocket in a split second. Remember to be small directly washing the oil on the bag, just dilute and absorb the damp cloth and start cleaning. There is no such thing to damage the skin.

Marks and fading conditions

If your bag has been used for a long time without being carefully preserved in dry areas, it is natural to have mold marks on your skin. To handle this situation; you can use a soft brush to gently rub the mold off and then use wax to polish the skin again to make the skin more shiny.
Just a soft brush and shoe polish, you have a glossy leather bag without the appearance of mold marks.

Besides, with long-term leather bag with fading color, you can use pine oil mixed with vinegar in the ratio of 3 parts of oil, 1 part of vinegar and then soaked in a soft towel. Use a towel soaked in oil mixture – vinegar hit the skin surface evenly, the skin will be shiny like new. If you don’t have pine oil, you can cut the onions horizontally and rub them on the skin. This can also refresh your bag but will not be as effective as pine oil and leave the pungent smell of onions.

How to restore old leather bag with Other stains

With the usual types of dirt such as soil, sand, or drinks pouring, cleaning is much simpler. Immediately after being soiled, it is best to use a cloth or a light brush to clean the stains. Then rub a vaseline layer on the skin surface and wipe with a soft cloth several times until the bag is clean. Finally, using a color matching shoe bag to beat up a thin layer; your leather bag will be shiny like new.

Use color poker to match the bag color to clean your handbag

How to restore leather handbag
How to restore leather handbag

As for long-time bags you don’t use and stains from dust that have accumulated for a long time, it is best to get a soft cloth moistened with egg white to clean. The skin will be shiny again.

Chicken egg whites are a perfect weapon to make your bag shiny.

To clean the bag regularly, you use warm water mixed with a small amount of soap and dip a soft cloth in this solution and wipe on the surface of the leather. Note to leave the cloth moist and wipe it vertically to avoid damaging the leather. Doing this twice a week will keep your fashion bag shiny like new.

The above is a guide to how to restore leather handbag that we synthesized. For more skin tips, please visit our Tips.

How to restore faded leather bag


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