How to Shrink a Polyester Hat: The 2 Best Methods


How to Shrink a Hat

Many times your hats aren’t exact fits for your head and you don’t want to go get a new one each time or give up on the hats you love if this situation happens. Gaining tricks on how to shrink a hat will be useful to get a perfect hat for you.

Clothing items are one of the concerns for each person. We all want our items to fit ourselves well. However, it’s not always the case that whatever we buy or we really like to wear fit us exactly. Hats are the same. The problem is that if it’s the hat you love or you’ve been wearing for a certain time and having good times with it, and you want it to become fit again as original. With that being said, you want to know how to shrink a flexfit hat to make it best again.

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Hats are made from various materials. Depends on what kind of materials the hats are made from, there will be different tricks for shrink fitted hat. Hats can be made from resistant fibers such as cotton and polyester. These materials allow the hat to stand up the extremity of high heat from many heat sources such as dryers or ovens. For hats that are made from felt or straw, it will require steam-treated method instead of heating. Another method on how to shrink a polyester hat is using adhesive foam to create a great fit without making the hat damaged.

How to shrink a fitted hat

Shrinking a hat involves water and heat. The method is described in details as followings.

How to shrink polyester hats by heating

What you need to perform this method is cold water and a sprayer.

  • Fill the water in the sprayer or a misting bottle.
  • Damping the outer side of the hat by spraying on it. Spray the sides and back evenly. Remember not to make it too wet like you soak the hat in the water.

The reason why you shouldn’t soak the hat is because it might make the colors run. Make sure you spray it and not make the hat dripping wet.

If the hat has a bill, leave the front panels on it stay dry so as to keep the shape for the cap.

How to shrink baseball hat by drying

For this step, you will need a hair dryer. Hold onto the hat with one hand and hold the dryer with another hand. Make sure you can move the device and the hat easily and flexibly.

How to shrink a wool hat by drying the hat
How to shrink a wool hat by drying the hat
  • Place the dryer at the position pointing directly at the cap.
  • Turn on the dryer to start drying process.
  • Keep moving the dryer back and forth to ensure that the fabric does not get too heated.
  • Touching all over the cap to feel whether it is dry enough.
  • Then stop the dryer if it feels sufficiently dry.

One thing to note when doing this is that you should focus more on drying the main proportion of the hat other than its brim. This is because a hat’s brim normally contains elastic band or sweatband so heating it might results in making the hat lose shape over time.

Continue misting and heating the hat more times

After the first time you dampen and dry the hat, continue to do it more times. The process is similar for each time. Just remember to test the cap before you continue. Feel the cap whether it is snug and not restrictive– the features of a form-fitting hat. If it still feels too big, repeat misting and heating it until it shrinks.

How to Shrink a Hat by continue misting and heating the hat more times
How to Shrink a Hat by continue misting and heating the hat more times

Normally it would take three to four times until it reaches your expected size.

Soak the elastic band in water

The elastic band around the brim of the cap needs to be wet to make it feel loose. Cover the band in a sink with water. You have to make sure to only cover the band in water, not the other parts of the hat.

The water can be as hot as you can get from the tap. Put the hat in the sink. Let the sweatband or elastic band submerge in the sink.

Due to the fact that elastic band will define the shape and size of the cap, you should focus on this part as well. While doing this, try to avoid making the exterior parts of the cap wrinkle and frown. This is a very important step of how to shrink fitted hats new era.

Heat the hat in the oven

It’s time to get more intense heat for the cap. Set the oven at 300 °F (149 °C. Before putting the hat in the oven, let the oven preheat. Put a paper towel on a banking tray and then place the hat on top. Place the tray into the oven when it warms up.

Be very cautious about the heat you set because if the heat is higher than mentioned, it can cause damage to the hat and probably melt it. Moreover, the paper towels are important because the bottom part of the hat could be scorch and turn brownish without paper towels beneath.

Dry that hat again with a dryer

If the hat still feels loose. This time you shall need to dry it more with the dryer. Set the dryer at the hottest level and longest cycle possible.

Wait for the hat to be cool before putting it on again.

Wear the hat to shrink it naturally

After going through all shrinking process above, you can put on the hat to make it feel natural again. The more you wear it, the more stretches and shrink flex fit hat gets to make it fit you.

Exposure to sunlight may help the cap to shrink down to its natural size.

Hopefully, with those tips above on how to shrink a hat, you would be able to make your hat greatly fit again.


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