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How To Soften Leather Accessories

Leather is a popular material. Common types of leather used are cow leather (leather handbag, leather wallet, leather briefcase, belt, shirt …), crocodile leather (crocodile leather belt, crocodile leather wallet, leather handbag crocodile, crocodile leather shoes …), ostrich leather (ostrich leather handbag, ostrich leather wallet…) and sheepleather (jacket, gloves), in addition goats leather, horse leather and calf leather that Cicero Leather uses to make leather wallets is often used for high-end leather products.

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Leather from the factory or in other words, new products made from leather or leather products such as leather wallet, leather jacket…that usually hard if not used regularly and when we first use it always feels uncomfortable, this bad and become uncomfortable. So, best way to soften leather? is there a way simple how do you soften leather accessories ?

How To Soften Leather Accessories
How To Soften Leather Accessories

Of course there will be, that’s why you should read this article. The following methods are easy to do with the materials and tools available in your home. But first of all you need to pay attention to cleaning the surface of leather first. This step is really necessary to be effective because your leather may be moldy. If your leather is realy moldy that should to use oxygen diluted soap and water to clean it first.

Note: Do not throw away accessories such as jackets, handbags or leather wallets… into the washing machine. Don’t use ammonia- or bleach-based cleaners to clean leather. They can complete destruction surface of leather  and cause the leather to get excessively dry or even crack. Don’t use too much water, either, as it can stain leather. But don’t worry if accidentally stain, we will guide you how to clean stained leather.

Clean spills on the leather immediately with a soft cloth and dry them. After drying them that here’s how to soften the very useful and effective leather Cicero Leather offers to you!

Method 1: How to soften leather shoes use shoe polish

Of course, shoe polish is a method everyone thinks of when trying to soften leather accessories, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. Gets a little bit of shoe polish on an old cloth and rub it over several patches of leather. It is important that you do not need a strong brush but need to rub several times with a moderate force on the same place until the leather is absorbed.

Choosing a color is also important for leather. Ideally, use a colorless type of shoe polish to soften leather accessories . How to soften leather is quite simple, you just need to apply a little on a clean and dry towel, rub evenly on the surface of the leather many times. But don’t rub too hard as this will damage the outer leather.

How to soften leather use shoe polish
How to soften leather use coconut oil

Every 6 months, you should bring your leather again to once to avoid dry, hard and cracked skin. Note that don’t use black shoe polish or brown for leather jacket, but you use it as if you alway leave that shirt because of the bad color.

Method 2: How to soften leather use alcohol and Vaseline

First you need to prepare the cotton then apply a bit of alcohol to the cotton and clean the leather that needs softening. Wait for the alcohol to dry on the surface of the leather, then continue brushing with the vaseline. Let it dry and you will find them much softer. This applies to leather accessories such as jackets, bags, backpacks

How to soften leather use alcohol and Vaseline
How to soften leather use coconut oil

Method 3: Use a hair dryer

Because leather accessories are also made from animal skin, they have similar characteristics to our skin. When you feel dry skin, often use cream products to provide moisture from which the skin becomes softer. This principle is also true if done with Your leather accessories such as jacket, leather wallets, bag or backpacks.

how to soften leather use a hair dryer
How to soften leather use a hair dryer

So before you use a hair dryer to soften leather, you should apply a layer of moisturizer to your leather accessories. You use a soft towel and apply a cream evenly over the surface of leather accessories, then soften it by gently rubbing it. Apply a cream to your leather accessories not only helps soften but also help protect and moisturize it. Note make the leather as moist as possible.

Rub the cream from outside to inside will make the cream moisturize evenly and deeply. Soften leather after applying lotion, this ensures the leather are softened to the corners, the smallest gaps.

Use a hair dryer
Use a hair dryer

If you have ice cream dedicated to protecting your leather, apply a layer to your leather accessories before using a hair dryer. Then you use a hair dryer, turn on the average temperature because the high temperature has a bad effect on the leather.

How to soften leather use a hair dryer
How to soften leather use a hair dryer

Leaving the dryer 15 cm away from the garment and drying it back and forth does not retain a fixed position for too long. Finally, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe it evenly over the surface of the leather, without the need for a moisturizer. It’s will make the skin brighter. So you’ve finished leather softening with a hair dryer.

Method 4: Use coconut oil

This essential oil is not only useful for skin care for women, but it can also help you soften leather and renew the leather effectively easily. Simply you use your hands to apply coconut oil to the entire surface of the leather and leave it overnight to leave it soft and comfortable to wear. Coconut oil has a natural softening effect and retains softness for a long time.

How to soften leather use coconut oil
How to soften leather use coconut oil


Method 5: Use olive oil

Similar to using coconut oil you apply olive oil to the leather surface and it will soften after a while. Or you just need to absorb a little olive oil on a clean cloth and clean the leather, it will effective immediately.

How to soften leather use olive oil
How to soften leather use coconut oil 

Method 6: Soften leather with water

Fill the spray bottle with water. Put it under a clean faucet or better pour pure water. Be sure to tighten the cap to avoid malfunction. If possible should use distilled water. In this way, you will avoid any stains and accumulate minerals that are often caused by hard water.
If you do not have a spray bottle, you can also rub the leather with a wet soften towel. This method does not work with faux leather, because water will simply drift away.

Spray water over the entire surface of the leather until the water starts to slip. During this time the water will begin to penetrate the leather, causing a hard grain break. If it is a type of clothing, you can wear it during softening and move around to make it fit your body.

Too much water is not good for leather, but a little bit can have a gentle effect without causing any serious damage. Remove excess water. Rub the leather completely with a clean, soft cloth, then place it in a cool, dry place and air dry. It is important not to stagnate water

Soften leather with water
Soften leather with water


Excessive saturation can create cracking and discolorations and make the leather look dull and rough. Don’t forget to dry any metal parts to prevent them from rusting.

Continue with a quality leather softener. A protective coating will restore essential leather moisture and prevent it from drying out and crumbling. This step is especially important after softening the leather with method of water

Method 6: Softening Leather Manually

Grab a rubber stick, a baseball bat or a similar object and pound the item all over. Use a moderate amount of force and distribute your strikes over the entire surface area. It’s will soften as you would with a piece of meat.

Softening Leather Manually
Softening Leather Manually

Any type of leather also may be apply by this way. Try not to whack the leather hard enough to damage it. Keep away from fragile spots like seams, bags, buttons, straps and zippers. Then take part of leather in your fist and pull it. Change your movement, let the material be stretched in all different directions: you will find that it will gradually become less rigid.

Method 6: Softening leather use leather softener

In addition, i will introduce you to a method that is also effective for leather by using leather softeners.

Unlike home method, leather softeners won’t reduce the durability of the material or leave any grease behind. If you are willing to spend some extra money, you can also choose a complete leather care kit. These kits often include other useful products to extend the life of leather items, such as cow foot oil, leather milk and beeswax protection to make it waterproof.

Softening leather use leather softener
Softening leather use leather softener

Limited use natural products such as olive oil or coconut oil. Although they can help soften the leather in a short time, they can penetrate deep into the leather and over time can lead to permanent discoloration or severe cracks and damage. Pour the softener onto a clean cloth then soak it with a small amount of fabric softener. The goal is to treat the surface of the material, not completely washed.

Note: Do not pour the softener directly onto the skin not only is the best way to cause a disaster, but it also makes even distribution leather softeners more difficult.

Rubbing on the surface of the leather gently and regularly will make the leather a little shiny without wet. These products can be safely used on any surface of leather accessories such as the area around the elbow of the jacket or the front or back of the boots. There is no need to cover more than one layer, any excess product will only accumulate on the surface. Apply regular leather softener. Repeat the procedure at least every 2-3 months to keep clothes and accessories in excellent condition hard materials will become softer.

If you live somewhere with a warm, dry climate where your leather is routinely exposed to the elements, consider upping the frequency to once every couple of weeks. Since it will remain in a climate-controlled environment, leather furniture and upholstery will only need to be conditioned about once every six months. And there are some ways to soften your leather, do the way you feel is easiest to perform and most effective. In all these ways, using a dryer is faster but effective, you can use a special softener.


Try employing several different methods to get that perfect weathered fel in less time.

For complete care instructions, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations as provided on the label.


Refrain from doing anything that might cause permanent damage to the leather. Once it’s done, you won’t be able to take it back.

These methods are intended for use on genuine leather, and may not produce the same results on faux varieties.

Chemicals like rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide… can cause the dye to run, ruining the color of the item.

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