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How to soften old leather jacket ?

Leather shirt is loved by many people because of its durability and beauty. However, leather jackets are usually hard if not used regularly or recently purchased. So is there a simple way to how to soften old leather jacket ?

Of course there will be, that’s why you read this article right. The following methods are easy to do with the materials and tools available in your home. But first of all you need to pay attention to cleaning the surface of your leather jacket first. This step is really necessary to be effective, if your skin is moldy, it is advisable to use an old water or oxygen diluted soap and water to clean it first.

Ways how to soften old leather jacket are super simple and fast

How to soften old leather jacket
How to soften old leather jacket

After cleaning and drying our leather coat, we just entered the stage of softening this leather coat

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Method 1: Use a hair dryer

Because leather jackets are also made from animal skin, they have similar characteristics to our skin. When you feel dry skin, often use cream products to provide moisture from which the skin becomes softer. This principle is also true if done with your leather jacket.

So before you use a hair dryer to soften your skin, you should apply a layer of moisturizer to your shirt. You use a towel and rub the cream evenly over the surface of the leather jacket, then soften it by gently rubbing it.

How to soften old leather jacket
How to soften old leather jacket

If you have ice cream dedicated to protecting your skin, apply a layer to your shirt before using a hair dryer. Then you use a hair dryer, turn on the average temperature because the high temperature has a bad effect on the leather.

Leaving the dryer 15 cm away from the garment and drying it back and forth does not retain a fixed position for too long. Finally, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe it evenly over the surface of the shirt, without the need for a moisturizer. So you’ve finished skin softening with a hair dryer.

 Method 2: Use coconut oil

Not only is this essential oil useful for skin care for women, but it can also help you soften your leather coat easily. Simply put, apply coconut oil to the entire surface of the leather jacket and leave it overnight for a soft and comfortable shirt.

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Method 3: Use shoe polish

Ideally, use a colorless type of cement to soften the leather coat. How to type poker is quite simple, you just need to apply a little on a clean and dry towel, rub evenly on the surface of the leather jacket many times. But do not rub too hard as this will damage the outer skin of the shirt.

Note that do not use black poker for brown or other black leather coat, but you use it as if you leave that shirt always because of the bad color.

Method 4: Use alcohol and Vaseline

First you need to prepare a cotton ball, soak the alcohol into cotton and rub it on the surface of the leather jacket. Wait until the alcohol is dry and apply Vaseline to the entire surface of the leather jacket. Wearing a shirt for a while will make the shirt soft again.

Method 5: Use olive oil

How to soften old leather jacket
How to soften old leather jacket

Similar to using coconut oil you apply olive oil to the skin surface of the jacket, the shirt will soften after a while.

And there are some ways to soften your leather jacket, do the way you feel is easiest to perform and most effective. In all of these ways, using a dryer is faster but you have to spend a bit more. That way will be appropriate when you need a folded leather jacket.

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