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How to Stamp Leather

How to stamp leather be a fun way to create things like leather name tags and more. While it may sound complicated, it’s surprisingly easy to stamp leather

Nowadays, stamping on leather is an excellent way to personalize various goods and souvenirs by creating company logos on these products and simply unique memorable signs in a variety of styles. In general, embossing is used to create exclusive leather products for souvenir purpose.

How To Stamp Leather
How To Stamp Leather

A few tools and materials are required

  • – Leather – Veg Tanned Leather
  • – Water
  • – Sponge
  • – Metal Letter Stamp Set
  • – Hammer
  • – Flush Cutter
  • – Scissors

How to Stamp Leather

Step 1: Cutting and Wetting Your Leather

You could cut leather into the desired shape before leather stamping. For example, if you’re making leather name tags, cutting leather into the shape of a name tag before stamping leather. You can use a straight-edge rotary cutter to cut leather while it’s lying on a flat surface.

Cutting and Wetting Your Leather
Cutting and Wetting Your Leather

Always cut leather on the “flesh side” because this is the wrong side of the leather, meaning the side that you will not be stamping.

Next, wet your leather. Because leather is a tough material, so it needs to be moist for leather stamping.

Dip your sponge in the clean water and squeeze out the majority of the excess water. Then, press the sponge onto both sides of the leather. Wet the flesh side first and then the front of the leather. The leather should be damp, but not soaking wet. Glide your sponge over the leather shape until it is well moistened. You may need to wipe your leather with the sponge 2 – 3 times.

If you need to punch a hole in leather for a name tag, you should need it to be fairly wet so the letters can be stamped correctly.

Step 2: Stamping Your Leather

Place the leather on a firm surface because you’ll need to use a considerable amount of force to get the stamps to stick. A good idea is place a piece of hardwood down on a flat surface then stamp the leather on the hardboard.

Stamping Your Leather
Stamping Your Leather

Position your stamp on the leather and take your leather stamping. Place the stamp down where you want the image or letter to appear on your leather then hold it in place with one hand.

Use a hammer to press the stamp on the leather. Use your other hand to hammer down on the stamp. This will secure the image or letter into the leather. Repeat the process to complete your design. Once your image or letter complete, repeat the process again with the second image or letter. Press the stamp down where you want it on the leather and then give the stamp a few firm strikes with a hammer to complete

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Note: Ensuring Quality Stamping

Do some test stamps first always a good idea to test your stamps. Cut out a small test scrap of leather, moisten it, and apply some stamps to it. See roughly how many times you need to strike the stamp with the hammer to get the image or letter.

Review the leather during the process as needed. If you notice your leather is drying out, re-wet it as needed. If you’re only stamping on one or two images or letters, you probably will not need to re-wet the leather. However, larger products will require you to occasionally stop and review your leather.

Let leather dry completely after stamping. Once you’ve complete your images onto the leather, set it aside. Allow the leather to dry completely before doing anything else with the leather, such as sewing it. Drying times vary depending on the types of leather and how wet your leather got during the stamping process.

Here’s how to leather stamp we share to you. If you are interested in stamping on leather try a few products and tell us how beautiful it is.




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