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How to use and preserve handbags, leather wallet properly

For products made from real leather, it is important to keep a durable, beautiful product, in addition to using it carefully, we need to know how to use and preserve accordingly. 

The outstanding feature of the leather is hygroscopic, which is easy to cause mold  and dry hard leather. If you know how to use, the real leather products will be more beautiful. Use leather goods, not just at a fashionable product, a high-end affirmative product; it is also a hobby, a passion like many other passions. Not everyone knows how to create beautiful things.

The first thing we need to keep in mind is do not put products made of genuine leather in damp places or close to the floor, whether the floor is lined with bricks or cemented or carpeted, the steam from The soil will still easily penetrate the leather and make the leather easier to mold, hard and fast broken. Especially in the rainy season, the amount of water in the air increases, making the leather highly hygroscopic and easily moldy. Therefore, you should limit the use of leather when it is wet or rainy or when people have too much sweat (while playing sports, exercise …).

If the leather was wet, do not bask sun or use a dryer to dry it, which will cause the leather to dry quickly, leading to a hardening of the leather and even leather cracking. Allow your leather to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place. Regularly soften leather goods at least once a month if use in areas with hot / humid weather.

When using moisturizers or polishes, pay attention to the color of the polish, the color must match the color of the leather product, because it will easily lose the natural leather color.

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1.How to kill mold on leather

– Leather bags, leather purses, and leather goods are generally susceptible to mold when not in use such as: in a cupboard, to a place with a high amount of moisture … In case of misfortune, the leather is moldy. To kill the fungus we do the following:

+ Can use vinegar, or alcohol diluted with warm water, fungicides (available at pharmacies) ….

+ Using a soft cloth or table cloth (soft form), dip into the above solutions and gently wipe on the surface of bags, wallet, leather products, etc. Then let the leather dry naturally, slowly .

+ It is possible to use dry cloth to absorb pine oil and rub it into the  leather surface to kill it effectively.

+ In case the mold is too heavy, rubbing soap on the leather surface can be used. Then, clean the soap from your leather with a wet towel and let it dry naturally.

Caution when cleaning: When cleaning, wash genuine leather products, so start from a small amount that at where difficult to see for testing, avoid excruciating cases. Wait a few minutes, if you see the product is not spread, stain then continue. After cleansing the leather bag products, wallet … leather goods, it is recommended to use hygroscopic paper, gently wipe the leather to remove water. Pay special attention to dry leather naturally.

2.How to polish leather items

– Normally, the genuine leather products, the more they use, the better the gloss will be due to the friction, but to get a nice and glossy product, it is necessary to combine polishing and leather care properly.

– Apply moisturizer to keep leather soft, not cracked.

Method 1

It is possible to polish the leather with an extremely simple, cost-effective method. Using the palm of the hand to rub the surface of the leather product, rub the hotter the product will be fast glossy. For small products such as: phone holster, leather wallet, leather squeeze … It is possible to hold the product and rub against the jeans, ensuring the glossy but create a strange style. This is the experience that Cicero Leather often uses when sitting free time in some cafes ^^

Method 2

Use a soft felt cloth or any smooth cloth. Absorb the cloth into fresh milk (do not use sugar), rub it on the surface of the genuine leather product, remember to rub your hands and scrub all in a circular manner. Then, wipe off with dry cloth, products made from leather will be new and shiny.

Method 3

The usual way people use it is to use varnish, cream or xira. Using a fine cloth or brush, soak up the above chemicals and apply it evenly to the leather, wait a few minutes for the chemical to penetrate the leather and dry out, then rub the net onto the leather surface. The more you rub and heat the leather, the more beautiful it will be.
Note: in this case, you should pay attention to the color of the polish to match if you do not want to lose the natural color of the genuine leather.

Method 4

Cut the potato in half and rub it hard on the surface of the leather bag, squeeze the leather wallet, … The scratches will disappear. Finished, re-polish with varnish or polish, the leather will dry out and shine

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3.How to clean and lose fat on leather:

– Leather products used for a long time will be easy to adhere to dirt and very difficult to clean. Depending on the leather type, the cleansing method is almost the same.

+ For painted leather and leather type with smooth surface: This is a waterproof or hard-to-water leather type because of the glossy leather surface. When these used leather products are dirty, stink … to clean these leather types is very simple.
Using a cloth to wipe the board (soft and absorbent with water) or a soft cloth soaked with water and dissolving soap (liquid), gently rub on the surface of the leather until you see a clean product. Use a dry soft cloth to clean the product. So we have a nice, clean product like new.

+ The types of carpentry, waxed leather, and rough leather types, rough and easy to absorb water. These types of leather are often difficult to clean, we can buy a specialized leather cleansing solution, use cotton wool or a soft cloth to penetrate the leather cleansing solution and gently wipe the leather surface, taking care to gently wipe to avoid losing the natural look of genuine leather.

– In addition, to be safe and save time, we can bring leather products to specialized areas of leather bleaching and removal. Here, our products will be restored almost perfectly.
– In case the genuine leather product gets stubborn stains or is too heavy, we can overcome it by hitting the darker type of xira to cover the stains. This, although losing the natural color of the product, in return you have a completely new leather product.

– To remove open oil stains on the leather: First, use cotton wool chemical impregnation Benzine rub on grease. The skin will fade away, no longer with the same skin color, must be polished with wax of the same color as the skin to hide the shortcoming.

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