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Top 10 Leather Anniversary Gift Ideas Truly Appreciate

Your 3rd year anniversary is coming up, so you’ll need to prepare. An inextricable part of an anniversary celebration, though, are gifts, making this article a helpful place to start when you are beginning to formulate your plan. An excellent gift can make up for even the most underwhelming anniversary celebration.

Maybe you two aren’t even the celebration type and just want to exchange a couple of things to commemorate the occasion. Whatever your reasoning, you need to find something worth giving.

There’s plenty of options, but that might actually work against you, as it can be hard to narrow down a few solid items to buy. To help you pick the right things for your situation, here’s a list of the twenty best leather anniversary gift ideas you can check out.

Let’s get started with number 1.

1. Leather Journal or Notebook

A blank notebook is already filled page to page with possibilities. While a plain journal is a nice enough gift on its own, especially for someone who’s an avid writer, why not spice things up a bit with an attractive leather-bound model? Leather journals and notebooks are as appealing to look at as they are to write in.

Handmade Leather Travel Journal
Handmade Leather Travel Journal

With numerous options regarding style, size, binding, cost, and more, there’s sure to be one out there that matches the sensibilities of your partner. You can even take the opportunity to try it out yourself and leave a little love note in the front.

2. Couple’s Bracelets

One of the best gifts you can give to someone is something they can wear on their person.

It means they’ll be thinking of you for as long as they’re wearing it, which is one of the main ideas behind something like a wedding ring.

Leather couples bracelets
Leather couples bracelets

If your relationship isn’t at the step where you’re ready to get hitched but still want that level of symbolic commitment to one another, why not try these leather couple’s bracelets?

Unlike a shirt or a jacket, a bracelet is something you can wear basically every day, making it a constant reminder of your love.

Each person gets one to remember the other, with numerous different styles and personalization options allowing you to make them look and feel however you like.

3. Leather Handmade Wallet

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One of the only things in the world as important as love is money, so why not put the two together?

A handmade leather wallets is an attractive and practical gift for the one you love, helping them keep their money and other valuables safe and organized with a rustic flair unmatched by other materials.

Handmade leather wallets
Handmade leather wallets

There are numerous styles of wallet you can get hand-stitched, made from quality leather. From big to small, bifold to trifold, and tons of different variations in between, there’s no shortage of choices with this gift.

Handmade leather wallet
Handmade leather wallet

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4. Handbags and Purses

Who doesn’t like a cute bag or purse? These leather gifts are a constant companion, a useful way to carry things, and a beautiful accessory all in one.

Handbags and Purses
Handbags and Purses

There’s no such thing as too many purses, so the recipient of this gift will always be happy to get another to add to their collection.

Styles, colors, and materials can vary, ensuring you have something that matches your partner’s style and outfits perfectly no matter what they might be into.

Whether it’s a big, expensive brand or something smaller or even handmade, purses and handbags are an excellent choice for an anniversary gift.

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5. Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are a classy and functional way to carry your things with some of the most beautiful variations on them being made from leather.

Whether for school, travel, or just to have around, these simple carrying cases are great for holding all sorts of different valuables, making them the perfect gift for someone on the go.

Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag

As useful as a messenger bag usually is, the leather variants make these items even more valuable. Even beyond the simple aesthetic upgrade, they serve to improve the durability of each bag.

As such, you can be confident in knowing that this is a gift that lasts just like your love for your partner.

6. Handmade leather belts

Everyone needs a belt, but so many of us settle for ones that aren’t anything to look at. This anniversary, get your significant other something that’s both functional and glamorous with a high-quality leather belt.

Handmade leather belts
Handmade leather belts

While most don’t think much of the thing that holds up their pants, a belt can really pull a whole look together.

No matter the outfit or style, an attractive leather belt sitting in the center can really make things work. A practical and easy way to accessorize, your partner will love such a practical and pretty gift all in one.

7. Personalized Flask Cover

If your partner has a taste for fine spirits or just likes having a drink on the go from time to time, this customized leather flask cover is the perfect choice for an anniversary gift.

Personalized Flask Cover
Personalized Flask Cover

Made from hand-stitched leather and etched with a personal message or name of your choosing, it’s a nice way of classing up a flask without losing that rugged charm.

Flash covers help to protect the outside of the flask from scratches and dents, letting it continue to serve for longer than usual.

Plus, many flask covers are detailed with attractively etched decorations to make them much more appealing to look at than a solid colored metal exterior. While not appropriate for everyone, those who can appreciate both artistic leather work and a good drink will love it.

8. Leather Boots For Men

Leather boots are a crucial piece of fashion and the working world, providing great looks with comfortable foot protection for most of human history.

Leather boots for men
Leather boots for men

Boots come in all sorts of colors and styles, from short ankle-length types to those that ride up to below the knee. No matter how your partner likes to wear their boots, though, they’re sure to appreciate a new pair.

Depending on the style and taste of the person you’re shopping for, what you buy can vary dramatically, including in the price department.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of different types of boots to choose from, making this one of the most versatile gifts on the list. Shop around and see what you can find.

9. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are the epitome of cool.

Nothing tops them in either functionality or style since they not only look cool but keep you protected from the elements and injuries. This makes them the perfect choice as a gift for any type of anniversary.

While leather jackets are available in many colors and styles, the classic black or brown is hard to beat.

Keep it simple but go for quality, as the strength of the materials will make all the difference between something flashy that falls apart and something ruggedly durable that lasts a lifetime.

Leather Jackets For Men
Leather Jackets For Men

No matter whether your partner rides a motorcycle, goes on hunting trips, rock climbs, or just wants to look badass, a leather jacket is the way to go for an anniversary gift.

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10. Mens leather gloves

Gloves are an irreplaceable article of clothing in colder climates. A good pair of gloves isn’t just a great gift but a lifesaver in some situations. So keep your partner’s hands warm in style with a couple of artfully crafted leather gloves.

Mens leather gloves
Mens leather gloves

Leather gloves come in all sorts of different styles and colors made for a variety of different purposes. Winter wear, driving, manual labor, and more are all potential uses for different gloves.

There are even many gloves made with the use of smartphones and tablet screens in mind, allowing someone to tap on and interact with screens without needing to remove the protection from their hands.

And some other leather anniversary gift ideas that we recommend if you are interested below that the above ideas do not satisfy you.

1. Earrings

Leather might not be the material most expect for earrings, but it’s been used to make some beautiful and enchanting pieces of jewelry. From simple to complex, numerous shops have made quality leather earrings that draw the eye and make people say, “Wow!”

Looking for something a bit more rustic? Stick to the classic brown leather in simpler patterns that best show off the natural grain of the leather.

More bold?

Leather earring for women
Leather earring for women

Why not try the multicolored leather options or those mixed with metals like gold? There are far more options to choose from than many would expect, so take a look around for something your partner will really love.

2. Necklace

Leather makes an excellent material for a necklace as the cord, the pendant, or even both parts.

Sturdy and comfortable to wear, a necklace made from leather is subtly beautiful and comfortable to have around your neck, making it something your partner will want to wear all the time.

Tons of different designs exist for necklaces that focus leather as their main feature.

Leather Necklace men
Leather Necklace men

Leather’s malleable nature allows for it to be etched or cut into all sorts of patterns, opening up hundreds of possibilities for different styles.

3. Leather Tablet Case

Tablets need cases almost as much as phones do, so why not add a little style to them?

Leather tablet cases serve to both thoroughly protect your valuable electronics while giving it a distinguished look other cases just can’t match.

Leather Tablet Case
Leather Tablet Case

Just like a more traditional case, though, there’s plenty of ways to customize or personalize a leather case that adds an individual flair to them, though it’s hard to beat that traditional brown leather look.

4. Leather Briefcase

A briefcase is an essential tool for anyone in the business world, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Leather Briefcase
Leather Briefcase

Not only does a rich leather briefcase serve as a convenient and efficient way to carry work documents and supplies, but it also shows you’re serious about your job and ready to dig in and work hard.

While possibly a bit too serious for a wedding anniversary, this is still an excellent gift for those who admire utility and efficiency.​

5. Leather Mouse Pad

Leather probably isn’t the material you expect a mouse pad to be made from, but it’s a surprisingly solid choice for something so simple.

Leather Mouse Pad
Leather Mouse Pad

Leather is naturally soft and pliable, making it pleasant to touch. Its smooth exterior makes for a perfect surface to move a mouse across without issue. It also just looks really neat.

If your partner spends long stretches of time on the computer, especially for a job, getting them something like this is a fun way to show off and, for the type that features a wrist rest, an easy way to help them care for themselves.

6. Guitar Strap

If your partner loves to pick out a tune now and again, get them a beautiful leather guitar strap to make the experience of playing that much more enjoyable.


Whether it’s leather-accented or made entirely out of the material, a strap like this will make both the guitar and its player look a whole lot cooler.

The best strategy here would be to match the strap to the guitar it would be used with. Is it acoustic? Electric?

How large is it? What colors?

Most importantly, would you prefer a more seamless and clean type or leather or a rugged full-grain look?

Taking all of these things into account shows you’ve put some thought into your gift, making it something your partner will love and let them know you like to hear them play and share in their hobby.

7. Leather Watch Bands

There are few things more classy than a high-end wristwatch complemented with a matching leather band. Whether it’s a whole watch or just the band, either would make an excellent gift for someone special in your life.

While the utility of watches has become lessened over the years, their status as a gorgeous accessory has not.

Leather Watch Bands
Leather Watch Bands

Plus, if you’re ever in a situation where a cell phone isn’t readily available to tell you the time, a watch can really come in handy.

Even more than that, a finely crafted leather watch band just feels good to wear and is sure to get plenty of compliments.

8. Leather Art

Anyone with an eye for the refined or straightforward good taste can appreciate art.

How lucky we are that leather lends itself so well to all manner of creative uses. If you really want to show off this anniversary, get your partner an art piece made from leather.

Leather Art
Leather Art

Given how versatile leather is, art made from it can be virtually anything. Leather sculptures, leather pictures, leather crafts, and much more all qualify.

While you might have to dig for that perfect piece, it’ll be worth it once you see the look on someone’s face after they receive something that’s so unmistakably them.

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9. Engraved Leather Photograph Print

If a picture speaks a thousand words, what kind of message does one made out of leather send?

To cement your reputation as true outdoorsy types, look no further than this rustic engraved leather photograph print.

Engraved Leather Photograph Print
Engraved Leather Photograph Print

This gift features a beautifully carved wooden stand with a beautiful piece of leather mounted at its center.

Engraved directly into the material is a reproduction of a photo you provide to the seller, who painstakingly recreates it by hand to display like a picture frame.

It’s an excellent choice for couples giving a much more permanent appearance compared to the normal photograph option due to just how much effort went into making it, just like your love for each other.

10. Manicure and Nail Kit

Nail health is essential, but can it also be stylish? Well, sort of, though that has more to do with the package, it comes in. And this sure is a nice package.

A leather manicure and nail kit is a great way to organize essential personal grooming tools.

Alpen Italian Leather Manicure Kit
Alpen Italian Leather Manicure Kit

While you might run the risk of sending the wrong message, a partner with a good sense of humor who’s been needing some replacement tools for nail trimming would really enjoy such a thoughtful gift.

Not only that, many come with a level of personalization, such as printing the recipient’s name on the front of the case.

Final Thoughts

You love your partner and want a way to show it every year. Gift shopping can be hard, especially for particular tastes, but as long as you have a good idea of where to start, you’ll find something unique use this list of twenty excellent leather anniversary gift ideas to help you on your way.

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