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Men Wallet Buying Guide

On a beautiful day, you just think about going shopping for a few necessary items and what you have on mind is a wallet, the most important accessory for a man. Then you wonder what kind of wallet or how to get the best wallet for yourself. Right! After that, you might search for advice on buying a wallet; so, here it comes this handy article to give you the most useful wallet buying guide.

Men Wallet Buying Guide

There are a very wide range of wallets and style. Let’s take a look at some typical and popular wallet types and how they function or look.

Bi-fold wallets

A bi-fold wallet is a one that folds over once. You can imagine folding a paper in half, that’s how a bi-fold works.  Bi-fold wallets normally have space for cash and cards which is the favorite type of majority of men. A bi-fold wallet consists of pockets and areas for cash, a few credit cards and coins as well. This kind of wallet is less bulky and heavy than other types. Normally men can out it in front pocket or back pocket. Some of the best well-known bi-fold wallets that you can look at are Cicero, Gucci or Prada.

Men Wallet Buying Guide
Men Wallet Buying Guide

Tri-fold wallets

A tri-fold is a wallet that folds twice to have three folds. It includes three isolated segments with two folds. As with the bi-fold style, you will have a long open compartment for cash, vertical spaces for cards and receipts or photos. Since it offers roomy spaces, tri-fold wallets, by all accounts, are often bulkier than bi-fold ones. Some great brands for this kind of wallet could be Kenneth Cole Reaction or Piel.

Tri-fold wallets
Tri-fold wallets

Breast pocket wallets

Breast pocket wallets are slender wallets designed with intention to fit in within pocket of a dress coat or a suit jacket. Now and again, these wallets are called billfolds. Breast pocket wallets crease the long way with the goal that the money in the cash pocket stay level. They normally do not offer pockets for coins. This kind of pocket are ideal for discerning gentle who would like to have a spacious wallet for cards which can lay within their dress coat.

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Credit card wallets

The name literally says what a credit card wallet is. A credit card wallet is normally designed with roomy space to hold a lot of credit cards. These wallets are very thin and slim just to hold cards mainly. You can purchase a credit card wallet from various prevailing brands like Michael Kors, Tumi or Buxton and more.

Checkbook wallets

Checkbook wallets are from time to time called checkbook covers. This type of wallet is suitable for men who prefer to pay bills by bank cards because it is designed to be dedicated for holding checkbooks, bank cards. The area for holding cash is very shallow. These wallets are longer than other wallets to contain checkbooks. It is very accommodating type of wallet for all of your cards, including your driver’s license. Some brands to name for options of checkbook wallets include Buxton, Lodis, Anuschka or Royce Leather.

Money Clip Wallets

Money clip wallet is a very convenient item for men who like to put a lot of money in their wallets. The best thing to mention about this type of wallet is that it can be clamped into your purse. You can put all your ID, cards or bills in this wallet and it still looks very neat and light. A few brands that provide money clip wallets are Derek Alexander, Tumi or Lodis.

Clutch wallets

Not just women can own a clutch, men can, too. Clutch wallets for men are items that can function as a purse but of course it looks more convenient and comfortable to carry along to replace a bag. As so, clutch wallet is very roomy that can contain even your phone in it and a lot of other items.  You can search for your favorite clutch wallet from brands like Louis Vuitton, Cole Haan or Prada.

Front Pocket Wallet

Front pocket wallets are slimmer and smoother than other wallets like bi-folds or tri-folds because they are dedicated to front pocket use. These wallets are very suitable for traveling or backpackers. You can find men’s front pocket wallets from Ben Sherman or Royce Leather; they have very great designs of front pocket wallets.

Travel wallets

A travel wallet, as its purpose states, should be a wallet that fits the traveling purpose. It should be very thief-proof and light weight enough, but at the same time, it can hold travel documents like passports or air tickets. All travel wallets should be very durable and long-lasting because you do not want it to be torn while on your travel. Make sure that you look for a fitted design to carry for sightseeing or keeping within your body.


Wristlets help hold items such as keys or credit cards as well as coin and cash. You can put it on around your wrist and carry it along. These wallets are very convenient when you go shopping at grocer’s or going to bars at night.

Are you ready to get your favorite wallet from our wallet buying guide list? We hope you are.

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