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Monogram Maker

This monogram maker is free for everyone to use and also included many sample pictures showing what the personalization looks like when branded into your leather.


Free Monogram Maker

If you are planning on purchasing one of personalized wallets, it’s a good idea to create your monogram using the free tool below, saving it, then printing it, so you get a good idea on the final size to request for your order.

The most common monogram requested for personalized wallets is 1 cm high(~1/2″), using Times New Roman (Monogram option #1 using the tool)

Personalization options

The first monogram uses the Times New Roman font. This classic font looks amazing branded into the leather, and when asked for recommendation, this is the font we highly recommend. Monogram #1 can be any number of characters. 3 – 4 character names or initials looks best. i.e.

The second monogram uses the Arial font. There are no character limitations. The recommended size is 1 cm high.

The third monogram option uses the Papyrus font. This is the personalization option to use if you want a vintage, ancient style. There are no character limitations.

The Circle monogram must be three letters. Also, we highly recommend testing your 3 letter combination before making this selection as some characters look a little strange. Also, make sure to let us the exact letter you want in the middle. The recommended size is 1″.

The Plus Sign monogram requires two letters.

The Anchor monogram is a super popular personalization request. This option requires two letters.

The script font used in #7 is called Lavanderia. Like monogram #4, customers are definitely recommended to test this option before selecting it. Some of the letters in this font have long dramatic tails, etc.

Monogram #8 is designed for 3 characters with dots in-between. If you only want to have two letters with one dot in-between, or 4 letters, etc. we can make this adjustment. The monogram maker program just lets you test 3 letter combinations.

Monogram #9 is the classic middle letter bigger than the other letters option. Again, please make sure to clearly state which letter you want to go in the middle. We will not assume it’s your surname, you must tell us how you want it on your personalized wallet.

Monogram #10 is a single letter monogram. We can manually make it for 2 or 3 letters, but overall, we think it does look best as a single letter monogram.

Monogram #11 is a two-character monogram divided by the line. For gift recipients without a middle name, this is a prevalent option.

Last monogram a single letter enclosed by brackets. The monogram maker only lets you test single letter monograms.

Other personalization options

These are the 12 default monograms we offer to be personalized onto the wallets. You are not restricted to just these twelve options. Customers are free to submit their own designs and discuss other options. is an excellent website to find thousands of free fonts. Logos, quote, poems, dates, coordinates, etc. are all requests we quite often receive and fulfill.

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