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Special gifts for 30 year old man

Men at different age will have different favorite tastes and styles. Choosing gifts for men at a specific age range is also an issue for girls. So what are the best gifts for men based on their age? Let’s discover our suggestions about special gifts for 30 year old man in this article.

A few notes about 30 year old men

Men in his early 30’s tend to be mature even though they still have the look of young 20- year- old men. At this age, men start to care more about their appearance and become more adjusted with his style at work. Therefore, when it comes to choosing accessories or clothing for men, these items should complement to this kind of style and help him attain a mature look of a gentleman.

Some hints for choosing gifts for 30 year old man

Wallet – an inseparable item for men

          A luxury leather wallet will show off a bold and vibrant personality of the man. However, a lot of guys have not taken notice of this point and forget to upgrade their wallet for a long while.

Special gifts for 30 year old man
Special gifts for 30 year old man

Therefore, it is a good time for you to intervene and get him a fresher style with a new leather wallet. Besides the meaning as of a gift, a wallet might also represent the wishes of prosperity to your man in finance and work. The new wallet will surely fill the void of a mature look with a classy and mature style. So what do you think about giving him a wallet as a gift on his 30th birthday?

So, have you had on mind what wallet should it be for a 30 year old man?

A blue wallet made from high quality leather should be a good choice. The blue exposes youthful energy but classy and gentleman style at the same time. This will be a very attractive present for men at his 30’s.

Another fit for men at this age could be a folded slim wallet with multiple compartments that are handy but simple. They can completely bring necessary items such as cash, cards or ID when they go out. Even though the wallet has much of compartments, it still looks very compact and convenient.

With respect to the brand, depending on the finance, you can choose luxury or affordable wallet brands. To name a few, you can consider wallets from Cicero, Burberry, Zara, H & M or LV. They are very reputed brands in fashion in general and wallets in specific.

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Leather bag- a stylish touch for men

A luxury bag on his birthday is surely an exciting birthday gift for your man. This is a very practical and functional item that a man will definitely be in need of when traveling for business or other errands. A nice bag with sufficient formality will be suitable for business meetings for a successful man.

Leather bag- a stylish touch for men
Leather bag- a stylish touch for men

For a men’s bag, you can seek simple bags owning less sophisticated details made from leather. They can be coordinate with all types of outfits and proper for various circumstances. On top of that, choosing a bag based on his personality is also a good idea. You can learn yourself what he likes and selects one with his favorite colors and style.

Books – a present of knowledge

Men at the age of 30’s are pursuing very high career ambition and success so he really wishes to expand his knowledge and skills to the utmost. If he is interested in reading books and learning different aspects of cultures and other things, a book is simply an appropriate gift for him.

Memoirs of A Geisha
Memoirs of A Geisha

Before getting the book, you can try to learn about his favorite topics to find a suited one for him. This present will let him know how much you care about his interest and tendency as well as it will be a very stimulating one for your man.

Leather shoes – an elegant present for men

A pair of shoes might speak a lot about a man too. The shoes a man wears can tell us the level of his elegance. This can be a clue for a birthday present.

Leather shoes - an elegant present for men
Leather shoes – an elegant present for men

Leather shoes with highly skillful stitching techniques of making will make your men at any age feel lured. If you give him a pair of leather shoes on his birthday, that would be a very meaningful and lovely present. It shows your efforts of understanding his needs and also shows how sophisticated you are in choosing this gift for him.
Besides a pair of shoes, you can add in one or two pairs of socks that suit his shoe color. He’d love that.

A watch – not just to see the time

A watch is not just to see the time, it is also a very popular accessory that both men and women treasure. Especially for men, they can skip other items but a watch is like a must to have.

A Seiko Sarb035
A Seiko Sarb035

If your man is at his 30’s, a metal strap with mature look will be decent for him. A leather strap watch is also another option since it displays masculinity and youth. Some good reputed brands for watches include Oris, Titoni, Frederique Constant and so on.

Perfume – add mysterious attraction to men

It seems like perfume is only suitable for women but today that prejudice is completely collapsed. Men can still add a little perfume to increase the appeal and show the taste of each person. The scent of perfume also obscures the body odor, helps men to be more charming and confident after a long day of work.

You can also determine the fragrance to give him by your favorite one as an interpretation of possession. This sounds sophisticated and attractive, doesn’t it?

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