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Strange things in Japanese wallet

In Japanese culture there are many taboos and strange notions. The Japanese considered the wallet to represent their future financial situation and money, so their wallet itself had too many things that few people knew.

According to the concept of the Japanese people, even if they lose their wallet or broken, they will not buy it again in the Fall, because Fall is 秋 (aki), homonymous with 空 き (meaning “empty”). . They said that with the figurative meaning of the word, it would make the wallet always in an “empty” state.

Therefore, the wallet of the Japanese is often the best seller in the Spring, because the spring is 春 (haru), homonymous with 張 る (meaning “full”), wishing the wallet always bulges in a way prosperity.

If you plan to use a wallet as a gift for Japanese people, you should avoid giving it in the Fall, and please don’t forget to put a little money in your wallet, even if it’s only “1 yen”. Usually, people use the “5 yen” dong (五 円, read “go-en”), because in all kinds of coins it is the most popular, because it means “predestined” (御縁, also read “go-en”).

If have someone give it to you in the fall, you should wait for it to pass.

Japanese people have a lot of ideas about the wallet

Today’s convenience, the majority of people use cards as much, so the idea that the money in the wallet is so much that it cannot be counted is called rich, it was far away.

In contrast, with only a sufficient amount of cash, the Japanese always carefully arranged in order from large to small of money, neatly tidy, not to be crooked or curled. The more carefully, the more respectful for the wallet is the more money.

Can be compared to the coins in your wallet are “guests”, and your wallet is a “hotel”. When those “guests” are politely and thoughtfully welcomed, they will be very pleased. In addition, the “hotel” room of the “hotel” is clean and fragrant again, “guests” will be even happier, and when those “guests” go out, they will repeat those things to their friends of them, that “that hotel is good!” The sound of the far-away gossip, not long ago that your “hotel” will become full of “guests” …

In short, Japanese people also have “superstitious superstitions” like some of our Vietnamese people. Doing things like them on here is not so hard right? Even if you don’t believe it at all, just try it, maybe it will work? How true it is that no one can know, only one result can be seen immediately, it is your neat neatness that will avoid and know somewhat when being “money out”.


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