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The 5 Best Minimalist Wallets of 2019

A best minimalist wallets is more than just a trendy item. If you take the time to select a high-quality one, it can become an integral part of your life. The best thing about a best minimalist wallet is that it encourages you to pare down your everyday carry to basic necessities so that you it’s so small and light.

But make no mistake that anything slim or thin will make for best minimalist wallet. Besides small measurements and weight, look for ample card capacity — you don’t necessarily want something that fits dozens of cards, but you’ll want enough slots for your cash and cards. Wallet material is also important. Leather is luxurious and can age beautifully, but it requires close maintenance over time. Alternatives include synthetic leather, fabric, and metal.

In this article, we’ll take you the best of the different wallet when it comes to selecting best minimalist wallets, whether you prefer a metal case or a simple card holder.

Best Overall: Cicero Leather Best Minimalist Wallets


The 8 Best Minimalist Wallets of 2019
The 8 Best Minimalist Wallets of 2019

Designed in Los Angeles, Cicero Leather Wallet is the epitome of a front pocket wallet, mens bifold wallet. It’s not terribly expensive either, price is too good for the quality it brings. The wallet measures at 8x11cm when closed. It has 1 cash pocket, 6 card slots, and 2 conceal compartments. The wallet consists of genuine calf leather, while the two color and texture combinations include black plus brown, black plus blue or black plus red or black green.


Best Zip Around: Vaultskin Notting Hill Slim Zip Wallet

Secure your important cards with a slim zip around wallet. Inside of British-designed Vaultskin’s Notting Hill Slim Wallet, you’ll find a spacious main compartment with a strap and internal pocket where you can keep your cash. In addition to the portion protected by the secure metal zipper, the wallet includes four external pockets. It can fit up to 12 cards as well as bills and coins. The lining has RFID protection so that you won’t be vulnerable to electronic pickpocketing. The external cover consists of genuine Italian top grain leather that is smooth and handsome. Those who plan to give the wallet as a gift will delight in the package design, which is a luxe black box with gold lettering. As for color choices, the slim zip case comes in black, brown, alpine green, and cognac.

Best Metal: Genuine Zippo Brushed Stainless Steel RFID Blocking Wallet

Price: $30

This slim stainless steel card case from Zippo, the same producer of the infamous lighter, captures the true spirit of minimalism with its sleek and frills-free design. It’s not the most budget-friendly option on our list, but it can last you a while if you take excellent care of it. Unlike a fabric or leather material, the stainless steel shell is easy to clean and extra durable. On the inside, you’ll find a flexible polymer construction with pockets for at least seven cards as well as a few folded bills. The wallet weighs around six ounces and measures 4.5 x 3 inches (that is, smaller than an average iPhone), making it easy to slip into most pockets. On top of all of these features, it also provides RFID-blocking. Keep in mind that the Zippo metal case wallet flips open freely and does not have a hinge or clasp, it’s imperative to keep it inside a secure pocket or bag.

Best Front Pocket Wallet: Clifton Heritage RFID Front Pocket Slim Wallets

Price: $13
A front pocket wallet is exactly what it sounds like — a wallet that you slip in your front pocket. And we like Clifton Heritage’s best minimalist wallets, which is a budget-friendly option that’s just big enough for you to neatly organize your cash and cards. It blocks RFID, tested for 13.56 MHz frequency for credit cards, debit cards, driver licenses, and ID cards. The luxe material is real cowhide leather sewn with polyester fabric, and there are seven pockets in total, three in the front for credit cards, two bigger ones on the side for miscellaneous items, and one plastic-covered one in the back for your ID. The colors include black, brown, brown hunter, red, taupe, and mulberry. Texture-wise, you get a variety as well, including carbon-woven, smooth, and pebbled.

Best Card Holder: EliveBuy Slim Wallet

Price: $22

EliveBuy’s slim wallet is perfect for securing all of your cards in one place. The carbon fiber and stainless steel material resists corrosion and feels extra durable. There’s a spring steel clip on one side that you can use to hold cash. The wallet also has an expandable elastic band to increase its card-holding capacity. Store your cards by putting them into the V-shaped opening and pull them out by the C-shaped opening.

The product comes with a small screwdriver and extra screws so that you can tighten or loosen the card holder to ensure that you securely fit all of your cards inside. It also has RFID-blocking so you don’t become a victim of e-theft. The color selection includes silver, black, red, green, blue, gray, and various versions of a carbon fiber design.

Here are The 5 Best Minimalist Wallets of 2019 for those who either in a tight budget or want to try this trendy kind of item. Hope that it is helpful for you to pick the right one. And always follow Top List to keep up with the tips on leather and leather wallets we share for you.


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