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The 8 Best Front Pocket Wallet of 2019

Whether you are traveling or working, you cannot afford this small and important item that is a front pocket wallet. This particular design is it’s much more ergonomic for you when carrying it with yourseft around and allows you to keep important belongings on your person at all times.

Generally, you want to consider two factors when shopping for a front pocket wallet: capacity, material. Most front pocket wallets will allow you to carry around six cards and a couple of bills, so it’s important to buy according to how much wallet space you need. The material is also another factor to keep in mind. Leather is sophisticated but may cost more and require extra careful maintenance as opposed to ripstop or nylon.

Read on to see our top picks for the best front pocket wallets to buy, from a stronger than steel lightweight wallet to an ingenious one from CiceroLeather

Best Overall: Cicero Leather Wallet

Price: $95 BUY FROM ESTY

The 8 Best Front Pocket Wallet of 2019
The 8 Best Front Pocket Wallet of 2019

Designed in Los Angeles, Cicero Leather Wallet is the epitome of a front pocket wallet, handmade leather wallet for men. It’s not terribly expensive either, price is too good for the quality it brings. The wallet measures at 8x11cm when closed. It has 1 cash pocket, 6 card slots, and 2 conceal compartments. The wallet consists of genuine calf leather, while the two color and texture combinations include black plus brown, black plus blue or black plus red or black green.

Best Lightweight: Pioneer Molecule Card Wallet

Price: $65

Weighing less than 30 grams, the Pioneer Molecule Card Wallet is a lightweight money holder that’ll keep all of your everyday carries in one place for as little weight as possible. With three slots, the minimalist wallet holds between four to six cards as well as folded bills. It is pricey, but you’d be paying for longevity and build quality. The durable 10XD ripstop material is stronger than steel, yet doesn’t weigh very much when you’re carrying it around in your front pocket.

While leather wears down over time, the FutureForm technology in this product gives it the flexibility to heat-mold to your exact needs without falling apart. The wallet also has a clean and simple reflective heat transfer logo as well as two reinforced bar tacks. If you get it dirty, it’s machine washable, so it’s easy to keep tidy. Plus, when you’re expecting bad weather, it’s entirely waterproof and won’t get damaged.


Best Recycled: Flowfold Minimalist Pocket Holder Wallet

Price: $15

Flowfold’s minimalist recycled sailcloth wallet is another lightweight, stronger-than-steel wallet. Designed by surfers and handmade in Maine, it consists of repurposed carbon fiber racing sails. Besides upcycling sailcloths, it’s also a green option because it’s made in the USA. If you buy from the States, you produce a smaller carbon footprint since you’re not getting something shipped from abroad.

The card holds up to eight credit cards in addition to cash. It’s very easy to carry around, only weighing as much as a piece of printer paper. When empty and flattened, it’s about as thick as a credit card. The color choices are black, cyan, green, and white. This particular model doesn’t have RFID protection, but other products from Flowfold’s line do have RFID blocking technology. You can also get Flowfold’s slim three pocket card sleeve wallet. And while it’s not as light and still doesn’t have RFID, you will get more space for cash and cards if you need it.

Best Shape: Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

Price: $55

Front pocket wallets come in a sea of rectangles, which are fine if your style is slim and thin. If you need a bigger wallet, square corners aren’t ideal since they’re better suited for back pockets. Those who need that extra space will appreciate Rogue Industries’ front pocket wallet, which has a shark fin shape that is specifically designed for front pockets. On top of its cleverly curved silhouette, Rogue Industries’ front pocket wallet also uses genuine bison leather and has RFID protection against electronic theft. It is more expensive than some of the items on this list but is still reasonably priced for its quality. Another variation of the wallet uses ballistic nylon material, which is less expensive.

This take on the traditional bifold wallet includes three card slots, one main compartment for cash, and one ID sleeve. It comes in black and brown.

Best Zip: Protectif Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Price: $13

Anyone who worries about accidentally dropping all of their cards may just find peace of mind yet with a zippered wallet. Protectif’s front pocket wallet has three card slots, one ID pocket, and one zippered main compartment for your bills and other important cards. If you feel like the slots are still a little too precarious, you can put four to five cards in the zipped pouch, which is geared towards loose bills, coins, and receipts. The metal YKK zipper is durable as well as abrasion resistant so you won’t need to worry about breaking it or getting it stuck. Besides its smart compartment division, the wallet consists of high-quality, full-grain cowhide. It also has RFID-blocking technology in its lining, keeping you protected from electronic theft. The color selection includes amber, black, blue, brown, and red, among other colors.


Best for Outdoors: Hitch & Timber Duz-All

Price: $73

As its name implies, the Duz-All does it all. Hikers, campers, and outdoors enthusiasts will find themselves impressed with Hitch & Timber’s rugged brown leather wallet for men. The pocket organizer’s design allows you to stash and neatly arrange your everyday carry items while on the go. It measures around 4.5 inches by 4 inches. While it’s not the slimmest front pocket wallet, it is small for its capacity and will fit inside most traditional jean pockets.

In the front, you’ll find a pen loop in addition to two organizer slots that are big enough to store small knives and AAA flashlights. The middle compartment will fit a pocket notebook, and the rear slot will accommodate three to five cards and a few folded cash bills. Keep in mind that it takes around two weeks for the wallet to fully break in so it may feel stiff and taut at first. It also doesn’t have RFID-blocking technology, which you can address with RFID card sleeves if you want extra protection against electronic theft while traveling.

Best Card Sleeve: Bellroy Card Sleeve

Price: $55

Minimalists who only carry around a few cards and bills will appreciate Bellroy’s stylish and frills-free card sleeve. The front pocket wallet consists of premium double-tanned leather and has no fussy buckles, buttons, or zippers — just good old stitching. It’s small and lightweight at 4 x 2.8 inches and a mere 1.6 ounces, so it will fit in your front pocket with ease. The sleeve includes two storage slots and comes with a useful pull tab that you can use to get your cards from the main compartment. The cards fit well inside the front pocket wallet, though there is a break-in period. Choose from a variety of understated colors, such as black, blue steel, charcoal, cocoa, and tan.

One caveat about this product is that it doesn’t have RFID protection against electronic pickpocketing, though select Bellroy products do have this feature.

Best Bifold: Serman Brands Slim Bifold Wallet

Price: $30 

Serman Brands’ Slim Bifold Wallet includes all of the pockets that you’ll need on a daily basis — nothing less and nothing more. It has a slim, minimalist design and is made of high-quality genuine leather. Though it opens up, the wallet, which can hold up to eight cards, won’t take up much room. It measures 4 x 3 inches and closes down to 0.5 inches thick for easy pocket placement. Inside of it, you’ll find two pockets, one ID slot, and one money clip.

The interior pockets even come with a red ribbon that you can pull to get instant access to your cards. This small, but useful feature is convenient if you don’t want to fumble through your everyday carry. Additionally, the wallet comes with RFID technology so that thieves won’t be able to electronically pickpocket you. Have a favorite color in mind? Its extensive color selection includes eight variations of blacks, browns, and grays.

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