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The fashion accessories that gentlemen are indispensable

Fashion accessories are much more important than what we ever thought about it. Smart accessory choices help lift the style and vice versa, it can ruin an outfit.

Frankly, the market for men’s fashion accessories still has less choices than women. So, choosing to buy a favorite accessory often makes the men wonder do not know where to start. However, do not because of obstacles that ignore the power of accessories in your life. A good accessory not only makes simple outfits more attractive, but also offers many other usable utilities.

With Cicero Leather, check out the fashion accessories that should not be missing in men’s furniture and the selection of these accessories.

1. A good leather wallet

For men as well as lipstick for women, it is impossible to go out without carrying. It can be said in the list of men’s fashion accessories, handmade leather wallets which used most often. So investing in a good wallet is really important.

A good handmade leather wallet
A good handmade leather wallet

Defining a good wallet should depend on your intended use, and durability should be a top priority. But in reality, the choice of buying men’s wallets is mostly dominated by the eye-catching of the product, rather than the durability.

2. Backpacks and bags

Next to the wallet, a good backpack or handbag is also a close friend of the men. With the need to move a lot, carrying a variety of technology such as laptop, camera, flycam, … Men’s bags require durability, endurance as well as material to reduce weight when worn.

As an effective assistant when going to school, working as well as traveling far away, you can save for other accessories, but never be economical when choosing to buy a backpack for yourself. In addition, do not forget the current fashion launched the line of waterproof backpacks and bags to protect widgets from all weather conditions.

3. Belt

Any guy must have a belt for himself in the closet, but you may not know, a harness is not enough. Belt is an item that be care follow season. Thick and large leather belts should be used for the Fall Winter season, and also have more prominent material, braided or colorful belts for summer and sea ‚Äč‚Äčtrip.

A basic principle is the color of the monochrome harness that matches the color tone of the shoe. For example, if your shoe is brown, the belt should be brown, dark or lighter.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are accessories if the right choice will increase the confidence of all boys by 60%. Many experts also recommend that boys should own at least 2 sunglasses. One for your face and a sunglasses is always updated with new trends. But first, finding a model of sunglasses that fits your face is still the most important factor. And don’t regret money for a good sunglasses, besides being a fashion accessory, it also protects your eyes.

5. The watch

There is no need to talk much about the importance of watches for men. From the boys who pursue the most classic style to the most modern boys, there are always models that you can’t ignore. The story of the watch’s brand is also an important issue. The watch is a male accessory that is so important that when the sneakers industry hasn’t grown yet and there aren’t too many shoe brands out there, those who dress up talk and comment on each other with their watches. Wearing.

6. Types of hats

In the accessory world, perhaps hats will make people feel confused and hard to coordinate. From bucket hats, to caps, straw hat, beret hat and beanie, each type of hat has its own personality and its own outfit. And it is the job of connoisseurs to coordinate them most thoroughly and sometimes, breaking every principle. Who said can’t wear a beret hat with active sportswear and sneaker?

Above are the fashion accessories that gentlemen are indispensable. How many items do you have? Please leave a comment below to discuss with us.

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