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The secret to using men’s belts for every outfit

Belts are familiar accessories of men, but not every gentleman can grasp how to choose this accessory to match the outfit used. Today’s Cicero Leather will give you new ideas in recognizing and using this seemingly simple accessory effectively.

The variety of belts

Belts are an important accessory for business attire: If you want to crates while wearing a shirt, you can’t help but use belts. Not only that, beyond the scope of complementary work suits, with a variety of categories, men’s belts are worthy of your use even on normal occasions.

Men’s belts can be roughly divided into two categories: leather belts and fabric belts. Each of the above accessories has different details for use on different occasions.

Elegant leather belts

Leather belts are a popular type that you can easily see in fashion stores. Their identification characteristics are leather body strips. There are two basic colors for leather belts: Black and dark brown. Sometimes, you may also encounter a slightly lighter brown.

In terms of locking, the material is usually made of metal with black, nickel or smoky gray. In general, this type of metal buckle is chosen by many people because of its eye-catching appearance. The outstanding metal material makes an impression of luxury.

How to use leather belts

There are two criteria to evaluate a properly used leather belt: The length of the belt and the color match between the waist and costume.

In terms of length, a standard belt should not extend to the 2nd leech on the left side of the pants. In other words, the most suitable lumbar tail is between the 1st and 2nd leeches after tying.

Simple rules of color scheme for formal wear when using leather belts are as follows: The color of the belt is always the same or darker than the color of the pants. Example: Black pants should only use black belts. Creamy, light brown or navy blue pants can be used with either black or dark brown belts.

From classic to modern styles, all fit in a belt, gentlemen will have perfect choices for their favorite costumes.

Canvas belts for summer

Canvas belts are a new and suitable choice for men in casual suits. When wearing shorts with a T-shirt or a shirt, especially on these summer days, you may want to use fabric belts to look more active and comfortable.

The fabric belt is light and very diverse in colors: smooth colors, motifs or stripes. When used, the color of the fabric belt is also much more flexible than the leather belt. Here are some pictures for you to consult about how to use this type of accessory:

The fabric belt gives you a dynamic and comfortable appearance

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