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Top 10 Best Leather Wallets in 2019 ( P1)

Who said that finding the best leather wallets to be hard ?

While we have used wallets, many people still end up purchasing the wrong product. Others will spend so much effort find for a wallet, while others will pay an for a good price.

Usually, such predicaments are due to not having the right information or not knowing what to look for.

Handmade leather wallets are without a doubt the best in the market. They are elegant, classy, authentic, durable and reliable. However, they are all not made the same way. After hearing about the troubles people go through, we decided to review the top 10 best leather wallets reviews in 2019.

Cicero Leather Wallets

CiceroLeather genuine leather wallet
Cicero Leather genuine leather wallet

As a man, you’ll find this blue-colored wallet not only attractive but very practical. It’s fairly thin and constructed from top-grade leather that can resist wear, tear, ripping, fading, and scratches. The handmade piece is perfect for any man and suited for any situation whether formal or casual. Its very light and easy to carry it will fit nicely in your pocket.


  • 100% Genuine calfskin leather
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Best leather wallet
  • Ultra Slim and good design

JJNUSA Handmade Leather Wallet

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed of your aging or worn out wallet. Also, you don’t need to keep misplacing stuff simply because they keep falling/slipping out of the buggy wallet. With this elegant and trendy wallet, not only will you secure your cash, bank cards, IDs, Driver’s licenses and other stuff, but also iPhone 7 plus 5.5-inch or iPhone 8 plus. It’s handmade from the high -s quality Italian leather and features sturdy stitches that prevent ripping.

Best Handmade Men Leather Wallets
Best Handmade Men Leather Wallets


  • High-quality cowhide leather
  • Good size and weight
  • Best Leather Wallet
  • Versatile and user-friendly

ZLYC Handmade Leather Wallet

You’ll love the coffee-colored wallet from ZLYC for its minimalist style and elegance. The piece is built from the finest cowhide leather and has a very slim profile. This makes insertion inside the pockets easy and also prevents budging pockets. The roomy wallet can accommodate cash, bank cards, business cards, IDs and other items. It looks very stylish courtesy of the full-grain leather and the nice finishing. The scratch and wear-resistant wallet is compact, light and easy to carry.

Best Handmade Men Leather Wallets
Best Handmade Men Leather Wallets


  • 100% authentic leather
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Ultra Slim and good size

Rustic Town RFID Blocking

If you want to own or gift someone the best handmade leather wallet then this dark brown piece may be what you are looking for. Like other types, it’s made using the best cowhide leather for long life, reliability, and effectiveness. The Bifold unit is perfect for men, women, boys, and girls as well. It features a nice size and compartments for safeguarding the notes, coins, bank cards, and Driver’s license, credit card, ID cards and more. To block RFID signals that may affect information stored on chips, it comes with superior RFID SECURE Technology.


  • Vintage look and styling
  • Well-made and durable
  • Handmade Leather Wallet
  • Thin design and folds easily

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IPulse Galaxy Note 8 Leather Wallet Case

Best Handmade Men Leather Wallets
Best Handmade Men Leather Wallets

This vintage black wallet is handmade with premium Italian full-grain cowhide leather. It can put-up well against daily use and will retain its looks for a quite long time. The classic vintage look brings out the traditional look whereas the thin profile makes inserting inside the pockets easy. Although thin, the leather is quite strong. You also don’t have to worry about scratching the card as it boasts of a super smooth interior.


  • High-quality leather
  • Elegant and well-finished
  • Good dimension and long-lasting


Finding the best handmade leather wallet challenges many people. Some lack the necessary information, other don’t what to look for, while there are those who easily get confused by the large collection. Sadly, quite a number only discover that they paid a high price for a basic wallet, or it’s not actually the best after several days or even months.

In order to own the best, it’s always important to know what to look for and also have an idea of what are the best products. In the above review, we have shed light on the top 10 best leather wallets. All that is needed is you making a pick.

Our Pick

Truth is that the above wallets are the best in the current market. They are authentic, come in a slim profile, lay flat, sturdy, elegant, and are quite handy. However, in our opinion, Cicero Leather Genuine Leather Wallet quite outstanding. It has a very lightweight, durable and handmade leather wallet.

It doesn’t bulge even when loaded with stuff, and it’s quite classy and elegant. We also love the many compartments that improve storage, the nice and safe design, and the sturdy and long-lasting nature. With this wallet, not only are you assured of safety and proper storage but maximum satisfaction as well.

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