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Top 6 Brands Of Luxury Wallets For Men

Here is best mens wallet brands for men that CiceroLeather introdution for you. Because men love having his own style and being comfortable with it. So his clothing items and accessories can be an extension of his personality.

Regarding men’s items, a correct choice for a wallet is not always paid sufficient attention; but you know how much a wallet speaks about the man. So, it’s time to throw out your old wallet from high school and find yourself a best fit for you.

Choose for yourself the new wallet is not as simple decision to make. The wallet besides its use of containing your items, it speaks a lot about men’s characteristics. Therefore, choosing a high-quality product with durability is very important task for men.

With the suggestion of the top 6 brands of luxury wallets for men, the article will give a man hints to choose his fit and also be proud to have a wallet along with him all the time. Let’s head to the list right away.

Top 6 Best Mens Wallet Brands

Louis Vuitton – Men Luxury Wallet

Louis Vuitton appears to be the most recognizable and profitable brand on earth. What is outstanding about Louis Vuitton wallet is that it has a uncompromising style and its products are created from great workmanship with aesthetics.  This seasons champion is the multiple wallet in an energetic Iceberg blue design. Louis Vuitton wallet is also made from leather of scuff proof Taiga with multiple slots built in for the lot which is very ideal for holding cards, receipts.

Louis Vuitton Best Mens Wallet Brands
Louis Vuitton

Hermes – Men Luxury Wallet

Well, when first hearing about Hermes; you might think about a Birkin bag and say “I cannot even get in their store”. Yes, it is. But why Hermes is that hard to purchase, this brand is still at its peak of the brands history? Hermes products are well-known for its high end quality as well as the material used for making its products which is the best leather material. Let’s have a look at their compact Manhattan wallet or the Citizen Twill cardholder and admire the hype and luxury of Hermes wallet.

Hermes - Luxury wallets for men
Hermes – Luxury wallets for men

CiceroLeather – Mens Luxury Wallets

In the top luxury mens wallet brands list is Cicero. Obviously! Cicero has been known as one of the best men wallet brands for men ever since with elegantly simple design of a bifold. Brings comfort for users thanks to it silky smooth surface of the best quality leather and details created through very firm and skillful sewing techniques.

Cicero Leather - Best Mens Wallet Brands
Cicero Leather – Best Mens Wallet Brands

Cicero wallets is designed with several compartments including cash pocket for cash holding and driver’s license; 6 other card slots for containing ID, photos and bank cards; and 2 conceal compartments. Cicero wallets is unique compared with other best mens wallets brands in the way that it uses only one piece-leather during its making process. This helps it not leave any stitching on the wall of the cash pocket which brings a completely clean and smooth look for Cicero wallet.

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Goyard – Top Wallet Brands

Goyard has been in the industry for over 150 years building its brand as one of the olders leather goods luxury houses. Goyards specializes in a variety of things from trunks and hat boxes, men’s and women’s wallets, also pet accessories like Chic du Chien. They have gained their impressive customer list from Picasso, the Grimaldi royal family and even Karl Lagerfield. Goyards brings its audience an entirely unique handmade wallet together with the reputation of its name.


Tom Ford – Top Mens Wallet Brands

Tom Ford, also Mr Tom Ford, the founder of Tom Ford brand which has been popularly known worldwide with top wallet brands products in the market has been making great influence on the pop culture with his swag since the introduction of  the “sexy back” to the 90’s fashion era under control by YSL and Gucci. Since 2008, Tom Ford made it way to the list of the highest quality products. With respect to wallet products, my selection for the exception products of mens wallets brands in the catalog is the money clip bi-fold. This wallet is remarkable with its goatskin and extravagant alligator in black and signature hold highlights.

Tom Ford
Tom Ford

Givenchy – Luxury Mens Wallets

Givenchy’s designs mixed traditional charm with a fine injection of modern style creating aesthetic wallets. The products from Givenchy are always edgy enough to be cool  and fashionable but at the same time it is very classic to use on daily basis. Givenchy’s wallets obviously know how to combine its practical use and fashion trend.

Givenchy Luxury Best Mens Wallet Brands
Givenchy Luxury wallets for men

The wallet brings the men to the level of success and class.  Having good taste in choosing a wallet will be very critical and having the correct wallet will make the man look greater in his style. The above top list 6 brands of best luxury wallets for men will surely beat every gentleman in his purchasing decision.

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