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What is full aniline leather?

While looking for different kinds of leather goods, you might go over a few terms related to leather such as full aniline leather or semi-aniline dyed leather. That results in some wonderings about such kinds of leather like how different it is from others as well as the pros and cons of full aniline leather.

Let’s discover what full aniline leather is and add this to your knowledge of leather types to ensure you can select the most appropriate leather when it comes to making decision on purchasing leather products.

What is full aniline leather ?

Aniline leather implies the dyes which are applied in the process of finishing a leather product after the hide is tanned. Aniline leather is considered a high quality product because of this dying process treatment making the product remarkable and outstanding among various kinds of leather.

What is full aniline leather?
What is full aniline leather?

How is full aniline leathers made?

Aniline leather is the most natural-looking Napa leather. Napa leather is the leather made from goat, cow or calf by tanning and is characterized to be soft. When producing aniline leather, the tanned hides are dyed in a drum with aniline dyes; that is why it possesses this name. This type of dye is very soluble and diaphanous without any insoluble colorants. Amid the coloring procedure, the regular grain including every one of the markings, scars and wrinkles are brought out in each cover up.

On the other hand, semi-aniline dye contains a little measure of shade, which enables the leather to still display its natural characteristics while bringing more color consistency. .

Another variation, pull-up aniline calfskin, has a covering of oil or wax to give it a disquieted look.

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Quality of aniline leather

Amid the aniline coloring process, the cowhide isn’t uniform in shading all through because of the distinctive rates of absorption among areas. This displays the validity of the leather completion and contributes to the magnificence of the leather finish. Since aniline coloring is appropriate for the best hides, aniline leather is exceptionally searched for. The aniline color, blended with oils, splashes into the cowhide, giving it non-abrasiveness and a rich appearance.

Quality of aniline leather
Quality of aniline leather

The semi-aniline process adds a thin protective coat to the leather which protects it from wear and stains. This kind of leather is also easier to clean.

The semi-aniline process keeps the leather from wear and stains thanks to a slim protective coat added to the leather. It is also easier to clean with this kind of leather.


Full aniline leather exposes the characteristic markings of the animal’s development, just as scars, wrinkles and different imperfections. Semi-aniline leather does not demonstrate the characteristic markings as obviously, and the calfskin somewhat feels stiffer and cooler when being touched. Aniline leather possesses more natural hues thanks to the colors of the animal’s skin.  Full aniline leather when being scratched will expose marks while semi-aniline leather won’t.

What is aniline leather used for?

For the beauty of the finish and the natural characteristics that aniline leather has,  it is used for making different kinds of accessories. Since aniline leather is typically produced from the highest quality leather which is full grain leather, it is the best quality among all the leathers. Furniture, wallets, bags and other luxury products can be made from aniline leather. This kind of leather can also be utilized for saddles or suitcases.

Pros of Aniline Leather

Aniline leather has the qualification of being a standout amongst the most looked for after leather products for its best quality and look. It builds up a patina after some time by retaining body oils and contact with the skin. It is both delicate and springy because of the absence of additional handling and coatings.

Cons of Aniline Leather

Aside from its high pricing, aniline leather has a few drawbacks. When using aniline leather goods, it is necessary to take care of it all the time due to the fact that it stains and blemishes easily. It blurs in direct daylight, and should be molded to forestall drying out. Items that are made with aniline leather such as furniture probably won’t be reasonable for homes with lots of little kids and pets.

Cons of Aniline Leather
Cons of Aniline Leather

Take care of aniline leather

Aniline leather needs a lot of care regularly as said because it can stain easily. To reduce stains from daily use and fading of the leather, you should use a defensive leather product. Utilize a cleaner for aniline leather item to expel body oils and dirt from the product.

Also, it is better for aniline leather goods to always be moisturized sufficiently to avert drying out and splitting.  A decent leather restorer will help moisture the leather that is dried out and reestablish it to its delicate and normal feel. Then again, keeping up semi-aniline leather is a lot simpler. You can utilize water-based semi-aniline cleaners, infrequent tidying and delicate cleanser and water to make it clean.


A type of leather that is similar to full aniline leather is corrected leather. The topcoat of shade of this leather is splashed on the treated leather by tanning. The surface can be embellished with a grain. Corrected leather is long-lasting and steady looking as well as stringy. Anyway it neither has the common excellence of aniline leather, nor would it be able to build up patina cover after some time. This kind of leather is less exorbitant because it does not use top quality leather. Besides, it is not a high maintenance type compared with aniline leather.

Aniline leather is a top quality leather type that is available out there. Even though it is expensive due to its quality and natural look, the leather surely satisfies its users over time of use for its durability and enhanced beauty.

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