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What Is RFID Wallet?

RIFD wallet or to be exact, RFID-blocking wallet is basically created for the use as a thief-proof wallet. There are chances that a thief stand next to you, scan your wallet and steal your card information; here we talk about RFID cards. Therefore, it raises a concern for many RFID credit card users which leads to the creation of RIFD-blocking wallet.  So what is RFID wallet? Let’s altogether find out in this piece of article.

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What Is RFID Wallet
What Is RFID Wallet

As described theoretically in a scenario that is when thieves can copy RFID data, steal the information and create a clone of your credit card, wallet makers have brought to the market a kind of wallet on demand, RFID-blocking wallet, which is also called RFID wallet.

What is RFID?

RFID is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification Card. Normally, credit cards, IDs, passports and key cards which store user’s personal information via a chip or tag are examples of RFID cards. The RFID reader receives this kind of information from a built-in antenna. When you brush the card against the reader, information will be processed.

The thing is that payment made by RFID credit cards does not require you to swipe your card. Simply, you just need to put your card near an RFID reader and it will trigger payment processing. It’s one of the convenient sides of RFID cards. However, a drawback of RFID cards is that thieves will take advantage of this feature and steal your information easily with an RFID reader, especially with a handheld reader.

How a RFID-blocking wallet functions?

The question raised by RFID card users is how to prevent card information being stolen. The wallet maker has created a product line called RFID-blocking wallet. So what is RFID wallet and how it functions?

The materials that best to prevent access to reading RFID information is shielded metallic sleeves or fabrics. Using this feature, to make an RFID wallet effective, wallet makers have to use some types of metallic protection.

One important note for RFID wallet users is that the degree of protection may vary. From a couple of feet away, an RFID reader can still pick up the signal from an unblocked RFID card. Meanwhile, some RFID wallets can reduce that signal to 5 inches.

Do you really need an RFID wallet?

You might wonder whether you need an RFID-blocking wallet or not. There are different types of cards and obviously not all cards are RFID. So to make decision on obtaining an RFID wallet or not, you might take into consideration whether any of your important cards are RIFD or not. It is recommended that you contact the bank where your cards are provided to check with them. You might also notice by yourself that cards names like Paypass, PayWave, Express Pay or Blink are common RFID credit cards.

Regarding your key cards such as apartment cards, home card or business card, or some cards that require high-security level of protection, you could also store them in an RFID-blocking wallet. In the US, some states have IDs that are issued applying RFID technology to store information. For this case, you can also use a security sleeve to protect the RFID tag from being activated if you are crossing border station.

With all being said, depends on how much risk you can tolerate. It won’t be bad if you do not have an RFID wallet because the chance of your data being scanned for stealing purpose is less than one percent here. But, it would be a peace of mind for you if you increase security level for your cards by using an RFID-blocking wallet.

Some brands of RFID-blocking wallets

You might wonder what brands are popularly good for RFID wallet. Armored Summit by Traywax , Sharkk Rugged Wallet or Radix One Black Steel could be the names you might look for.

All being said, we hope that you could get to know further what is RFID wallet and consider it as a method of increasing the security level for your cards and personal data.


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