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Where to buy cheap high-end smart electric tea table

Do you know where to sell smart electric tea table? Surely this will be a handy item for your home. Find out with us now.

A delicious, round cup of tea must be prepared meticulously, through many different steps. That makes tea drinkers impatient.

In the era of modern technology, electric tea tables are manufactured to meet the needs of consumers to enjoy tea.

Drinking tea is no longer a strange thing to Vietnamese people, drinking tea has become a cultural tradition for a long time. Tea does not distinguish drinking in the morning or afternoon, the elderly or the young. Enjoying tea today has reduced many stages of preparation, resulting in the delicious taste of the tea no longer as good as before.

Bring home the fairy scene with an electric tea table, can you believe it? The versatile electric tea tray not only helps users make tea automatically, but also has a unique and meticulous design with elaborate sculptural lines.

Not only that, some types of electric teapots also have the function of releasing smoke like a miniature rockery. Giving each other expensive gifts but no use value does not make any sense. Instead, choose a smart multi-function electric tea tray to give to family and friends, steal on… extremely meaningful and have a very high use value.

Such a smart multi-function electric tea table, why not own it right away?

But surely you will wonder where to buy an electric tea tray? Come to Ban  Tra Viet today.

The smart electric tea table set is a product of Vietnamese tea table produced at the tea table production line located in Dong Ky wooden handicraft village, a wooden village specializing in the production of beautiful and quality wooden products. The electric tea table product set is designed in detail, meticulous to every centimeter, contributing to helping you decorate your home to become classy. The multi-function electric tea table set includes 1 tea tray, tea pot, tea cup, tea making tools and kettle, etc. All those details will combine into a perfect product, helping you to create a good cup of tea.


Kha Wood (Japanese Oak); Bamboo Wood

High quality wood, is solid wood, used full meter (no patchwork)

Wood does not absorb water


Tea table design:

Smart and elegant design

The excess water drainage system is neat and clean, with a drain pipe connecting to the waste water tank.

Smart cooking system:

Built-in pump to suck water from the reserve water tank

Includes: Tea kettle + Cup boiling pot

Automatically measure the amount of water in the kettle

Automatically shuts off when the water boils at 100 degrees Celsius

Automatically heat the water to the desired temperature, or maintain the water temperature.

The display shows the water temperature in the tank

1 year electrical system warranty

There are more than 20 models of smart electric tea tables for you to choose from.

Style 1-4 is the style of a wooden tea table without a stove.

Website: https://bobantradien.com

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