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Why do guys always carry condoms

You’ve probably taken a peek into his wallet or her purse and saw condoms. Or accidentally, the content of their wallet or purse spilled out, and you were shocked to see a pack of condoms.

Why do guys carry condoms in their wallets?

Seeing condoms in someone’s wallet might make you think of them in a particular way. It might also trigger some sexual feelings or attitudes towards them.

Generally speaking, when we see condoms in someone’s wallet, we form ideas about who they are, their goals, and intentions. And those ideas range from positive to negative.

For example, we might see them as responsible individuals. Also, we might take it as a sign that they are loose and immoral.

But the reaction is mostly more negative than positive.

It is also important to point out that how we take, it might affect our relationship with them.

For example, some of us might become less romantically interested in them. And if we are already in a relationship with them, we might consider ending it.

And that could be driven by our fear that they not be committed to a cheating-free monogamous relationship. And probably they are interested in one night stands.

But is that the case?

It is undoubtedly a mistake to take a condom in someone’s wallet as a clear indicator of who they are or what they are up to.

Some of the 8 reasons below attempt to show you how you might be wrong.

Why no one should keep condoms in a wallet

What you can state with a firm conviction, however, is that the choice of a wallet as the place to keep or carry condoms is a poor one.

In an article published on this blog, I have explained why carrying condoms in a wallet is harmful to both the wallet and the condoms.

A condom in a wallet is at a high risk of being damaged by high temperatures and physical pressure from being sat on.

Also important, the condom could damage the wallet. The lubricant, if it leaks, can stain the leather and create a condition for a breakdown.

The condom also adds to the wallet’s bulging, which is not a great shape for it to acquire.

A side note; it is not only men who carry condoms. Many women do carry a packet in their purses, as well.  And therefore, the reasons provided here apply to people of all genders.

Why do guys carry condoms in their wallets?

With that stated, why do guys carry condoms in their wallets?

There are many reasons why. Let’s go through some of them;

1. They sleep around a lot

There is no way to overlook this reason.

Many people do indeed carry condoms around in their wallets because they have a clear intention to create opportunities to have sex as often and with as many people as they can.

This is probably the kind of person you try to avoid when a condom in a wallet turns you off. You perhaps don’t treat sex as separate from love and romantic relationships. But they do.

With that said, you must do some thorough digging to find out if indeed it is the case that they are looking to sleep around.

That is because you might end up throwing away a viable relationship because of the wrong impression you get out of seeing a condom in a wallet.

You should be open to getting their point of view. For example, they may have been sleeping around because they have not met someone special like you. If you want them to be monogamous with you, maybe all you need is to learn a few tips on how to drive them crazy.

So it is important to find out some more, including by directly talking about it with them before you make up your mind about what it means them carrying condoms in their wallet.

2. They get a lot of sex offers

An interesting statistic: apparently, without society imposed monogamy, 20% of men would get 80% of the sex. That means 80% of men would have to fight out for the remaining 20%. This is called the Pareto Principle.

Some research has shown that women find only 20% of men to be very attractive. They are only forced to consider the others because of their inaccessibility to this category of special (alpha) men.

Successful artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, professionals, and celebrities of all kinds would easily fall into this category. Also, confident, funny, intelligent, and good looking men can find themselves in this category.

If a guy is in the 20% of the privileged men, they will be on the perpetual struggle of saying no to sex offers. But once in a while, the temptations are too strong to overcome.

Guys in this category, even when they do not want to, will find it necessary to always have condoms around just in case the tide is too strong on them.

So if the person you saw with a condom in a wallet is popular in one of these ways, you might be mistaken to think that they do it because they are loose or easily choose to sleep around.

You might not understand the amount of energy they put into saying no to sex every day. They are most likely carrying a condom in their wallet as a precaution for the days they might fail to stop the tide.

It doesn’t mean they are out to have sex at the slightest opportunity. It means should the situation arise, they are prepared to have safe sex.

3. They are realistic about life

Sex is a potent force of nature. Often we are at its mercy. While we can be in control and choose when to have sex and when not to, we occasionally can’t stand in the way of the urge.

Some of those carrying condoms in their wallet might be acknowledging this fact about life, especially when they know their libido is higher than the average.

It is better for those in this category to have condoms and don’t need them than to need them and not have them.

4. They expect to be lucky

One might not be in the habit of carrying condoms in their wallet every other day, but they might do on the days they expect to be lucky.

Maybe they have been talking to someone, and they think they are close to getting laid. Perhaps that person is you or another person around.

Nevertheless, many people carry condoms in their wallets on days they expect to meet someone who will offer them sex.

5. They hate regrets

Likely, they are not actively looking to have sex, but they remember the day a golden opportunity presented itself, and they wished they had a condom with them.

So they do not want to wish they carried a condom either because they end up not seizing the opportunity or because they exposed themselves to a health risk.

6. To help friends out

Some guys go the extra mile to take care of their friends. And one way they do that is to make sure they have safe sex.

If you saw a condom in a guy’s wallet, know that it is possible he is not out to use it. But he probably likes coming to the rescue when his friends need to have a safe sexual encounter, and they didn’t carry the necessary tools.

7. They attended safe sex training

Most of the people who participate in safe sex training will end up trying to develop a habit of having protection nearby. That is because they become aware of their sexual vulnerability, which many of us have.

It is also possible they picked a condom from the training and kept it in the wallet where it has stayed for months without being used.

He or she is likely never to use it, but having it gives them the feeling that they are responsible and prepared to protect themselves.

8. He is using it to play tough to peers

Getting laid is one of the things that pushes up a guy’s standing among peers. Those who have had more sex than others are thought to be higher up in the pyramid.

If you are not a guy, you probably don’t know to what extent guys can go to create or perpetuate the impression that they get a lot of sex. It probably has something to do with the Pareto principle mentioned earlier. One way to do that is to carry a pack of condoms around and let your friends see it.


Carrying a condom is not something to be looked down upon. If you are a lady and a guy you are eyeing is carrying one, you should consider that they are a safer bet.

That is because you know they have probably always taken good care of themselves. Thus you are not likely to catch something from them.

Source: thebestwalletforyou.com

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